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  1. SoL-JoS

    A writing challenge for ALL of us! (All writing skill levels welcome)

    I was editing my newest story as I logged into FA today and something occurred to me... What if we all came together and wrote a story one paragraph at a time? Please keep it SFW to be respectful to the rest of the community. Let's go! - - - - - - - The sun blazed overhead and a weak breeze...
  2. SoL-JoS

    Professional editor for free

    I've been writing for over a decade and was a high-ranking member of a Writer's Advisory team for my college for four years. I'm currently bored and looking for interesting stories to edit. If you wish to see an example of my work, feel free to visit my profile page and peruse through my...
  3. SoL-JoS

    NSFW - Sex Statistics by Country. Your response?

    Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic | PornMd Sex Search Good lord the statistics. Germany, Denmark, UK, shame on you, you sick weirdos. France? What are you doing, France? And China? You listed "japanese" as #2 in the search. Kinda ironic that the Chinese are jacking to the Japanese...
  4. SoL-JoS

    NSFW Fantasy/Sci-fi furry novel. Tell me what you think.

    TEHI Rewritten - The Story of Luke: Journey of Souls - Google Drive Enjoy. It gets better as the story progresses. I've edited it hundreds of times, but a new idea is always appreciated. If you like it, leave me a comment or something. Cheers! ~SoL~
  5. SoL-JoS

    What are your New Year's resolutions?

    Or maybe just jot down some thoughts. It's always helpful to give others new ideas. My resolution is to take care of my body this year. I quit smoking, bought a shitload of supplements, and have been working out a bit more. Might actually join a yoga class or something. I also resolved to...
  6. SoL-JoS

    Flirt outrageously with the fur above you

    I wonder how dangerous this thread will be?
  7. SoL-JoS

    Say something nice about the fur above you

    I see all these roasts and shit going around. Maybe it's time to turn the tables? So bring on the compliments and love thy furry neighbor (but don't get caught!)
  8. SoL-JoS

    Weekend D&D Campaign... with a twist!

    Hello, ladies and gents. I have come to introduce a modified type of D&D campaign with all new stats and peculiarities. What's the twist, you say? It's based on my novel, The Story of Luke: Journey of Souls. And yes, that's what my name means. Remember it. You'll be screaming it later. :p...
  9. SoL-JoS

    Gimme more friends!

    [Insert typical "Hi, I'm new!" post here] I've been on this website for a few months, but haven't really reached out to many people, so here I am, I guess. I'm a professional writer and originally decided to place my third book on here for all to enjoy and give others the chance to offer...
  10. SoL-JoS

    A Troublesome Trend

    Good evening, fellow FA members. I may be quite new here on FA, but I've noticed a lot of depressing posts and even ads about antidepressants and suicidal thoughts on this website. I've also gone through some heavy times and made it through stronger than before with each trial I've faced...