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  1. DragoniteKD

    kamen rider anyone??

    I want know if anyone has heard or seen the japanese tokusatsu (super hero) series kamen rider or the other series super sentai?
  2. DragoniteKD

    anime recomendations

    Any know some new/old anime thats really good to watch? Im not really picky on genres of animes.
  3. DragoniteKD

    old school snes favorites

    Just like i say: whats your favorite snes game? Mines sword of mana
  4. DragoniteKD

    hello everyone!!!

    I just want to start off by saying hello and its a pleasure to meet you. Sona's name is Neo Watanabe and my name is Alberto (i know its a kinda funny name) My hobbies are reading manga, listen to japnese music, and watching japanese livr action shows. I was introduced to the fur community...