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  1. princesstool

    critique? thoughts?

    As an artist who barely gets notes/favs its hard to know when anyone likes anything I do so yeah positive, negative, short, or long leave a comment if you want. These are messy I know but I feel like I'm making progress.
  2. princesstool

    Looking for Critique

    Hey the title makes this pretty self explanatory. If you feel like giving me advice/critique go for it! I never really like doing this because I'm pretty insecure about hearing critique about my art that I'm already aware of but I need to get over that and out myself out there more for...
  3. princesstool

    Icon Art for Sale

    I'm opening 5 slots for icon art. Just send me a description/ref of your fursona or oc that you would like me to draw. They'll be $15 USD each through my paypal.me: PayPal.Me/princesstool Here are a few examples: fursona: chibi: painted:
  4. princesstool

    Monster Humanoid Adopts For Sale

    Hello I have a few designs I'm trying to sell. This is my first time doing this in a format like this so apologies if it's a bit sloppy u3u 1. cute succubus (open) 2. fire imp (open) 3. fluffy lizard (open) 4. shark monster (open) price: $10 usd payment method: paypal After payment...