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  1. sugarstarway

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Lolita Adoptable (40$)

    You can bid here or here And here: ╭─━━━⊱☪⊰━━━─╮ SB : 40$ min: 2$ AB: 200$ ╰─━━━⊱☪⊰━━━─╯ 100$ and more - i will draw halfbody art of adopt you bought 200$ and more - i will draw fullbody art of adopt you bought ╭─━━━⊱☪⊰━━━─╮ AUCTION RULES ╰─━━━⊱☪⊰━━━─╯ ◊ End in 3 days after the last bet...
  2. sugarstarway

    Sketchbook: sugarstarway's art

    Hello :) Thanks for watching! I'm a digital artist, practicing in human and furry art. Hope you'll like my works! Some old works: www.furaffinity.net: Doll by sugarstarway www.furaffinity.net: Ciel by sugarstarway www.furaffinity.net: Blue pearl by sugarstarway