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  1. Xavier Fox

    My Fox (photos)

    I've had my Fox for two months now and have done three LFMs (London Fur Meets). I'm loving fur suiting!
  2. Xavier Fox

    UK news, 29 year old man likes dressing as a giant rabbit.

    As per the title. UK news, 29 year old man likes dressing as a giant rabbit. https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/13/29-year-old-man-dresses-up-as-a-giant-rabbit-in-his-spare-time-7831834/
  3. Xavier Fox

    This sums up my day.

    Used lots of petrol. Got some funny looks. :)
  4. Xavier Fox

    A week in the Furry Fandom.

    So a week ago I joined the FA forum with an inquisitive interest in all things furry, which I had not come across before. I was particularly interested in getting a fur suit and attending the London meets. Have to say it's been an interesting week, met some great, friendly characters by...
  5. Xavier Fox

    Looking for my first suit, supply/demand question.

    Hi everyone, I am looking to order my first suit so have done a fair amount of online browsing. There are more companies/people out there with good websites that do full suits than I was expecting, yet a lot of them do not seem to be taking any work. How easy it is to get a full suit made for...
  6. Xavier Fox

    Xavier Fox, at your service.

    Hello all, I've just registered and joined this site to further my interest in fursuiting. Have wanted to get involved in Cosplay/fursuiting for a few years but now plucked up the courage and made a point of planning to get a suit and get involved in the community. Just currently researching...