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  1. shapeless0ne

    nitrogen flushing for long term suit storage, good idea or unrealistic at best.

    do a quick search of the procedure, and then think about it for a few seconds.
  2. shapeless0ne

    NSFW: utterly clueless 'roo

    hi there, as you might have guessed I'm a pretty new artist and I'm polishing off my first ref for my kangaroo. now before show the images I'd like to ask your forgiveness for using a base ( link to the base body i used Ultimate Free Reference Sheet | RadPandas ) so please don't simply point...
  3. shapeless0ne

    An beginer birds bothersome blockade. -, -

    recently I've been trying to get into contact with other feathery members of the fandom. but so far I haven't been doing well at it. does anyone have any idea's on how I could do this besides lurking around here?
  4. shapeless0ne

    avian advice needed!

    well, as the title states I've noticed that there aren't very many avian furs around and I was wondering where else on the internet could I meet featheries?
  5. shapeless0ne

    how did you know that your fursona was right?

    like the title says this thread will be for politely discussing how everyone knew there current fursona was right for them. ^.=.^ I've made this thread for people like me, who form day one in the fandom haven't been able to stay one species of fursona for very long "for example stayed a lion...
  6. shapeless0ne

    flooded Email, need help!

    I've tried everything but the forums keeps on sending messages every single time people even reply to a watched thread let alone the fact I had to turn my notifications off, anyone know how to remove this?
  7. shapeless0ne

    fursona anatomical correctness?

    I've seen this is an pretty conversational topic among many furry artist, and I'm pretty much for anatomical correctness. but I've seen there are an few races that make it quite hard or awkward to be anatomically correct.
  8. shapeless0ne

    an scale request ^.=.^

    Hello furry artists I'm pretty new to the fandom and I don't have a ref sheet or any pictures of them, yet for ether of my scalesonas dragon and shark. As you can imagine it pretty confusing to explain what he looks like in words. But I'm not good enough to really draw them correctly, could...
  9. shapeless0ne

    hello ^.=.^

    hello everyone, I'm shapeless0ne but unlike my name I'm not actually shapeless I named myself that because of all the fursonas I've been. A few things about me: I love RP and tend to RP with my fursonas, as long as it's not Erp. I especially love rp battles. I have two fursonas an sea dragon who...