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  1. Mnyama

    NFSW Bombshell

    I'd be willing to work with you on a piece! Here's a link to my work: Userpage of mnyama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The price depends on what kind of work you're looking for. Are you looking for a final drawing, or a character sheet?
  2. Mnyama

    [Closed] Calling all Fennec Artists: Simple Adorable Fennec sketch, ~$38+possible future commissions

    Hi! Idk if you're still looking, but here are some examples of my work. I'm willing to do way more than headshots, but that's just the examples.
  3. Mnyama

    PayPal Commissions open ($15 starting)

    Hey everyone! I'm opening PayPal commissions at a discounted price for a little bit, so get 'em while you can! I only have a few spaces open. I'm willing to do any sort of pose, full body or bust, including nsfw (and humans!). Send me a message if you're interested.
  4. Mnyama

    Commissions Open! Check it out!

    I'm opening commissions. Prices and information is listed here: Commission Info for Mnyama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And examples are on my page as well. I'm willing to draw literally anything, so don't worry about that part. If you want any details or extra info, feel free to message me and...
  5. Mnyama


    I'd be interested in something like this. Here's my gallery. Artwork Gallery for Mnyama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My price for a ref sheet like the one below is 45$ If you wanted one with a turnaround (front and back with a side sketch) it would be 60$. Also, here's a sketch of a dragon I...
  6. Mnyama

    Any Fellow Animators?

    I animate! I'm trying to get into the industry, and I'm in my last year of college for it.
  7. Mnyama

    Technique - What to do?

    I think part of your problem is also that your lines are pretty thick, and also completely black. Since they're totally black, instead of something like brown or dark blue, the contrast is pretty startling. If you want to keep working with that style though, a trick is to work at twice your...
  8. Mnyama

    Using subtitles

    I totally agree. I always find subs super distracting because it draws my eyes to the bottom of the screen, so I can't pay attention to the visual cues. My room mate used to turn them on all the time for EVERYTHING and I hated it because they always read ahead.
  9. Mnyama

    Looking for NSFW of my Nekomimi sona

    I'm totally up for this kind of stuff! For a digital sketch I normally range between 5 and 15 $, and for something like this I would probably charge 10 or 15. 10 if you want a shadow character, 15 if you want someone like Inuyasha (since it involves more complicated details in the second...
  10. Mnyama

    Looking for Two Detailed Reference Sheets ($100)

    For 60$ each (since these sheets are a little complicated) I would do a front facing fully body, back facing full body, a headshot, and a sketch, along with stats, name, etc. For 45$ I would do the same thing, except it would only be one full body drawing. Here are some examples. Also, I threw...
  11. Mnyama

    4 char sheets $80-100 ea.

    I'd be interested in all three except for the bird. I'm not great at birds. I'd charge probably 45$ per page, which includes a sketch, a full body drawing, and headshot, along with stats, name, etc. For 60$ I would do two full body drawings at two different angles, as well as a headshot and a...
  12. Mnyama

    ICON SALES (5$ single character, 8$ double)

    Another example of a couples icon (with a water mark)
  13. Mnyama

    ICON SALES (5$ single character, 8$ double)

    Bump. Still open!
  14. Mnyama

    ICON SALES (5$ single character, 8$ double)

    Here's a finished piece for ~DerekTokarev. Still Open!
  15. Mnyama

    ICON SALES (5$ single character, 8$ double)

    Buuuumping. Still open, a few slots left.