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  1. Ives The Raccoon

    hot dog or hamburger ?

    Hot dog. I'm not a big beef person in general.
  2. Ives The Raccoon

    If you use it, why do you use firefox?

    I use Firefox for speed, security, it has themes, and also, well it's mascot is a fox. I also hate Idiotic Explorer, though I do like Safari, and I don't think it's a clone of IE, I never understood why anyone says that, in fact it's a lot like Firefox. Also, Firefox is the default web browser...
  3. Ives The Raccoon

    Mass Effect 2: Great Game, Or GREATEST Game?

    I have to say that, in my opinion, Mass Effect 2, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 all tie as being the greatest game ever made.
  4. Ives The Raccoon

    If only he knew.

    lol, I'll have to try that.
  5. Ives The Raccoon

    Crying my eyes out....

    Sorry to hear. At least it seems like she went peacefully.
  6. Ives The Raccoon

    Hello and Hi!

    Welcome to the Fur Affinity Forums, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Ives The Raccoon

    Which species is more retarded?

    I have to say all of the really dumb hybrids like dragon/wolf/shark.
  8. Ives The Raccoon

    Should America metricate?

    I think we should. In fact I have thought that since 3rd or 4th grade.
  9. Ives The Raccoon

    Which branch would you join?

    Air Force would be my first choice, followed by Navy.
  10. Ives The Raccoon

    What is your ethnicity?

    I am white.
  11. Ives The Raccoon

    Experiences With Furries IRL

    I would like to meet some, I just don't know any near me.
  12. Ives The Raccoon

    Sexiest Language.

  13. Ives The Raccoon

    Why is your species the best?

    I don't really know, I've just always liked raccoons. For some reason.
  14. Ives The Raccoon

    What if there were a furry's only high school?

    That would be awesome. I would love to go to a furry only high school.
  15. Ives The Raccoon

    Do you smoke?

    Don't smoke and I have no plans to start.
  16. Ives The Raccoon

    Hey, everyone. What's up?

    Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  17. Ives The Raccoon

    What is your favored kind of pie?

    Well, let's see, Pecan, pumpkin, and almost any kind of fruit pie.
  18. Ives The Raccoon

    This isn't my first post :(

    Welcome to FAF.