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  1. Querk

    College experience?

    So far it feels like I really let myself down as far as college goes. I feel like I could have gotten into a much better school than state, but at the time I wasn't really focusing hard on what I really wanted and I don't feel I applied myself as far as I could have. I'm thinking of transferring...
  2. Querk

    Last Thing You Did Before 2012

    I found the pick I lost like four months ago. It fell from my desk and ended up on the other side of the room under a bunch of crap I haven't touched in ages.
  3. Querk

    How do I enjoy TF2?

    http://i44.tinypic.com/v4sdiu.jpg http://i39.tinypic.com/2utjka1.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/2iu572q.jpg http://i43.tinypic.com/w63dk.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/ok8lj6.jpg There are also trade servers if you want something and have something to trade for it. Though you probably don't at this point.
  4. Querk

    How do I enjoy TF2?

    1. Play and get your ass kicked until you stop sucking. Play every class a few times to know how they behave so it's easier to counter a certain class when you run into one. 2. Items pretty much fucked the game up. Although, other than a few items that have incredibly stupid effects (the Pyro's...
  5. Querk

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I meant to say an amaranthine effect but decided that editing is for pussies, so I guess you caaauuught me going back into the willowwacks behind my house to curl up also osmos is the worst game I've ever played ever
  6. Querk

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    vvvvvv from the humble bumble specifically the "doing things the hard way part" specifically I beat the "doing things the hard way part", which has had an amaranthine on my feelings towards spiked walls c3;
  7. Querk


    I guess you just had to be there man
  8. Querk


    Just started reading this a few days ago and not even going to bother with reading this thread but man Rose is like a total copy of my friend irl. She's also a total goth whatever and also knits and also has hilarious 1-uping's with her mother and also hilariously had her house burn down, I...
  9. Querk

    Anti-gay upbringing

    Man when I was like eight I heard my mom talking to my aunt and grandma about how gays should be rounded up and executed god I love my family
  10. Querk

    Saints Row 3: Hit people with phallic objects THE THREAD

    Oh no I think you missed the purpose of my question You see, in Saints Row 2 for the PC, your car had a tendency to, if you were attempting to travel in a straight line, become instantly shitfaced and brutally crash into dozens of citizens and/or scenery and either explode or get unalterably...
  11. Querk

    Saints Row 3: Hit people with phallic objects THE THREAD

    So if I get this for PC how long will I be able to stay in a car without orphaning half a block's worth of kids
  12. Querk

    The Slut Fantasy

    Of course All over the place
  13. Querk


    I'm going to try restringing with a different kind of string to see if it's cause of the tension from the strings or something If that doesn't work then THAT'S IT MAN GAME OVER
  14. Querk


    My self-esteem is inversely proportional to the amount of fret buzz I get on my guitar It's really awful on the fifth fret of my A string right now so I'm about ready to kill myself
  15. Querk

    Pet Bunnies

    Dawww bunnies are so cute The only one I ever had was one I won as a prize at a fair He died the very next day but cuuuuuute
  16. Querk

    I Hate TF2

    so much wrong in this sentence it's unbearable quit w+m1ing i know you do
  17. Querk

    I Hate TF2

    you're terrible at the game because you aren't playing the right class if you've been playing tf2 for more than an hour and pyro isn't your best main only class, I don't know what you're doing with your life
  18. Querk

    I love you

    fact: if you say something like "oh, well do you want to go out on a date then" every time someone tells you "I love you", they'll eventually stop letting you know how great you are so in case someone says something like that to me, I only tell them I love them if I'm prepared to say yes
  19. Querk

    One good deed a day.

    But see, now you're getting recognition for your good deeds and that's awful
  20. Querk

    Creating your own mega theme park resort

    The tracks on all of the roller coasters disappear right before the riders go over a hump thousands of people still wait in line to ride