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  1. nuada

    Hiring: I've got $50 to spend!

    ¡Hola! No hablo español, así que me disculpo si esto está completamente mal. Estoy buscando encargar arte, no comprar arte prefabricado. (Por cierto, tus ejemplos son hermosos. )
  2. nuada

    Hiring: I've got $50 to spend!

    My birthday is next week and I have some birthday money to spend! I'm looking for art that can be sent to me via post, either a digital print or traditional artwork. The shipping price is not included in the $50, I will pay for that separately. I'd prefer to pay in installments; half before...
  3. nuada

    18+ Furry Community Discord Server

    I'm not super involved in the furry fandom at the moment so I created a Discord server! There's tons of channels and an XP system that earns you higher roles for every prompt you complete. Here's the invite link!!
  4. nuada

    NEW: Casual, Seaside-based Discord RPG

    It's called Maritime Bay and it doesn't follow any specific plot, it's just a sandbox roleplay group. There are two literate group channels and two IC chat channels for non-literate roleplays, along with plenty of OOC channels. You're free to roleplay via DMs too or you can request a mod to...
  5. nuada

    Hiring: ($5+) Artist that can work with NSFW references

    I'm looking for either a SFW full body, half body or chibi of this character I adopted recently. I have photos of how I imagine his outfit to look as well as some accessory ideas if you'd like them too. You can find a NSFW reference image of him on his profile, but I'll also link it here. The...
  6. nuada

    Things you have regretted purchasing

    Bearing in mind I'm a guy, my biggest regret was purchasing crop tops in a women's size 6 (8 for those in the US) last year during the height of my anorexia. I can't even look at them without wishing I could get into them, but also battling with the recovery mindset of needing to avoid dropping...
  7. nuada

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    It's not necessarily something new I've seen online but the exchange of: "I've been diagnosed with ligma." "What's ligma?" "Ligma balls." In any form never fails to send me into a fit of giggles, even if I don't know who the characters being referenced are.
  8. nuada

    What have you been having for breakfast lately?

    Two big bowls of strawberry museli, cashews, brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconut chips and almonds topped with maple syrup. I pair that with a cup of tea and sometimes a small bowl of fruit (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and grapes). It seems like a lot...
  9. nuada


    Thank you! I'm so happy to be here, you all seem so nice. ^•^ Hi! If you ever wanna chat, feel free to message me. Thank you!! That's awesome! If you wanna chat, you can always message me.
  10. nuada

    [ INTEREST CHECK ] Hobby Exchange RPG

    I was thinking of setting up a RPG where we interact as our fursonas/OCs but, instead of it being a plain RPG, we offer lessons in whichever hobby we feel we have that we're able to give insight into on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, if someone is skilled in poetry, they'll host a...
  11. nuada


    Thank you so much! I can't wait to start chatting and making connections.
  12. nuada


    Hi there! I'm Nuada, I'm new to Furaffinity (not so much to the furry fandom), and I'm looking for some friends around my own age (~21). You can find me on my Furaffinity profile, my Twitter or my Toyhou.se.
  13. nuada

    Fursonas as characters vs personal avatars

    I have multiple fursonas and they all serve different purposes. [ PRIVATE FURSONA ] An animal version of myself with some creative liberty in regards to setting, background and current life. [ NUADA ] A mix between an animal version of myself and a separate character. Leans more on the side of...