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  1. Akro

    French Commercial with a Cougar Furry!

    Damn this video is old as hell haha. Remember watching this in like 9th grade.
  2. Akro

    FWA 2013 Con experiences and missed connections.

    I was at the convention with my girlfriend. It was actually my first convention ever. For anyone who went to the art show auction, Im the one that won the giant picture of Natascha from Bad-Dragon for $60 haha. I had a great time overall. It was less awkward than I was expecting. I never...
  3. Akro

    Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.

    I fell asleep on my friends Arcade pads. He didnt have any extra beds so I just threw a blanket on it.
  4. Akro

    Re-introduction of a long time fur.

    Well this is very fun for me actually. I made this account and used it back when I was 15~ and in the depths of my highschool hell. I actually had to leave because of all the trouble I was getting in. Now Im back, 4~ years later(I'll be 20 in November). To say the least I've matured greatly...
  5. Akro

    So I kissed my first guy

    Ive kissed a girl and a guy and neither were as experienced as me =/
  6. Akro

    So I kissed my first guy

    1. Im 16 dumbass. I can give you all the proof you want. 2. Lol I go out for the day to find out this topic has 4 pages. GG. 3. I stopped reading after the quote cause the poster pissed me off. Ill keep reading to see if theres anything else worth responding to.
  7. Akro

    So I kissed my first guy

  8. Akro

    So I kissed my first guy

    He was a wolf. It was kinda weird. o.o
  9. Akro

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    Dont refer to humans like that, it only makes you look like a fool. You can think it all you want, because I do too, but dont vocalize it -.-
  10. Akro


    Who cares if Spain won? Basketball sucks
  11. Akro

    Herms: whyyyyyyy

    Arent herms in real life slightly less appealing than in furry art? I dont like hairy ballsacks dangling above a vag
  12. Akro


    He's probably on vacation.... I actually read about this on sexfacts on my phone.
  13. Akro

    What animals do you consider ethical to eat?

    My Vietnamese friend told me that its not uncommon over there to have dog or cat meat...like..domesticated dogs and cats. "Aww Fluffy you're sooo cuuute <333333 *vore* "
  14. Akro

    The way fursuits represent the fandom

    Fursuits should look normal when strolling around in public or in a parade... Wear a sexy/slutty pink fursuit thing and get into a suggestive pose in your own house on your own time and then post it on the internet to prove youre cool.
  15. Akro

    So...what is coffee?

    Coffee is the most disgusting thing Ive ever drank... Monster energy all the way.
  16. Akro

    Confessions Thread

    Any math more advanced than exponents and simple variables needs to burn in a fire. This includes logarithms, sine, cosine, tangent, 3D coordinate planes, useless statistics, etc.
  17. Akro

    Reactions to fursuits on Chatroulette

    Lol, well done indeed...
  18. Akro

    Digimon Xros Wars

    *squeals* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I signed a petition like 2 years ago for a 6th season <33333 Lol it looks like season 1 style art
  19. Akro

    Taking 1 TF story request

    Yo, Ive noticed that I have made a bunch of remarks about how Im a good writer and what not, and I realized in the Transformation thread, that when someone asked to review some of my work, I havent put any new work up since my mom deleted all my stories from DA and whatnot. So what Im looking...
  20. Akro

    Confessions Thread

    Confession: I just fking shat myself after seeing the extreme plot twist in Housepets today at 3AM... OMFG TAROTS A DRAGOOOOOOON O.=.O"