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    I sang a song for you guys.

    Well, not directly for the dwellers of the forums, but you get the point. c: (It's a cover; please don't shoot me if that's not kosher with you all. It's "Therapy" by All Time Low.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrENIzSC9l0 Hope you guys find it at least suitable for this section of the...
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    My band. Melodic metalcore. :)

    I get what you're saying, totally! A vast majority (and damn, I mean vast, haha) of metalcore bands are just terrible. We fall more into the post-hardcore style, after playing a few shows and writing a few more songs. Here's a video from our last show, hopefully this will display our style a...
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    My band. Melodic metalcore. :)

    I use metalcore loosely, haha. It is what the earlier sounds of the band felt like. We are very much more melodic metal. Not metalcore in the sense of these shit hardcore bands that think they're all that like Asking Alexandria or Abandon All Ships. These kids got some good shit going on. Haha...
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    My band. Melodic metalcore. :)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBeSbwLUBXs This is myself and Riddler from my band, Better Words For A Farewell. The song I've posted was the first song we wrote together as a band. We have shows this weekend, so I'm pretty stoked for that. Let me know what you guys think...
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    has these activities been done in fursuits?

    Bahaha, the poker game gives me a really good idea for some neat photography. Might have to try that when more people get around to getting a suit where I live. As for bowling, I did it last night. Granted, if you're wearing the paws, good luck trying to get that ball down the lane in any style...
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    Uh, I make covers of songs.

    Haha thanks C: I enjoy my spazziness. I'll definitely be making more. I just need a place where my family isn't around to bug me.
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    Uh, I make covers of songs.

    Because I like to sing and play guitar. C: I did a cover of Paramore's "My Heart" not too long ago for a friend who passed away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2GcLLA61T8 What do you guys think? I'm not sure if this would have fit better in the actual music section of the forums. I just...
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    Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011

    I'll be there. C: Along with TaiTheFox, xenocutthroat, and ritsuka-kun25. Can't wait.
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    Who wants to talk about singing !!!! i do cuz i love to sing :3

    Soda is definitely not a good choice for vocals... I used to drink a ton before shows, because I didn't think of how it would affect my performance. It really makes it a lot harder. Now, I only drink water the day of a show. Also, when it comes to screaming/death growls... I want to learn how...
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    Who wants to talk about singing !!!! i do cuz i love to sing :3

    I enjoy those tips. I used to be REALLY bad about using my chest as my main source of vocalization. Took some classes and actually got a lot better about not doing that. Also, recording takes a LOT of time. I've found myself spending five or six hours on one vocal take, unless it's a quick...
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    You've made my day, sir. :)

    You've made my day, sir. :)
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    What Are You Listening To?

    The entirety of "The Hazards of Love" by The Decemberists. Not a fan of concept albums, but they did so awesome with this one. <3 Everyone needs to hear it.
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    any one going to rockymountan furcon ?

    I'll be there with a few friends :) I'm hoping registration peaks this year.
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    Hello thar :)

    I'm not one for introductions, but it's whatever. :) I'm Kaskae. Nice to be here. It's really late so I should really sign off and go to bed... I might do more with this post later, hahaha.
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    do you try to use your fursona name publicly?

    I call my IRL fur friends by their fursona names, because it's what they go by... but as for myself, I go by my given name. Only a handful of my non-fur friends know about Kaskae, and it's only ever come up once. We got into the school attendance server and changed my name. Classic stuff, man...
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    Furfags by age

    Blame it on Disney/Nickelodian/rebellious teens of our generation. I'm 17, but only for the next hour and a half. :) Woot. 18 should be a better year for me. EDIT: Also, I really want "Nerf Herder" to stay as my title. I didn't realize this, but "Herpa derpin' nerf herder" sounds awesome.
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    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    If they ask, I answer honestly. I also tell certain people whom I think would have a legitimate interest in the fandom... and then there are those who ask why I have a hat with ears. I just give them the short "anthro fandom" speech. All in all, it's not something I shout from the hilltops, but...
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    Your introduction into the Furdom.

    I figured this would be a pretty good place to make a first post. I joined the fandom in late 2010 (November, I think) after I had talked to TaiTheFox about the fandom... he had shown it to me months prior, but I thought furries were weird as hell and I just kind of ignored it. I eventually...