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  1. Pride-Dark-Dragon


    I can do picture like these for 11$ ^^ If you're interested send me an MP or Note me here https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pride-dark-dragon/
  2. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Feral/Anthro Wolf reference sheet ($250 budget)

    I can do a Reference Sheet like this for 15$
  3. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    SALES!! 40% less on each price!

    Sales no more aviable
  4. Pride-Dark-Dragon


    New adoptables added!
  5. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    [SALE] Bookmarks for Christmas

    • BOOKMARKS AS CHRISTMAS GIFT • For Christmas give, or by for yourself, an hand-made Bookmark realized with traditional technique. You can ask for any subject or customization in any style. From realistic to cartoon, your wish will be an order! Every Bookmark is laminated and will stand the...
  6. Pride-Dark-Dragon


  7. Pride-Dark-Dragon


    N° 4 Has been SOLD
  8. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Digital and Tradictional Art

    I can do traditional sketch for 4€ (5$) for one or 8€ (9$) for a group of three sketches
  9. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    SALES!! 40% less on each price!

    Hello people of FurAffinity SALES are started! Since I had a few (almost nothing) commissions during the winter, I decided to change a little my price list. Therefore, starting TODAY July 20, 2014 until December 31, 2014 all my work will be discounted by 40% less on every current price! After...
  10. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Digital and Tradictional Art

    I can do complete traditional commission (of any animals/landscapes/objects) for 30€ (31$)
  11. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    I'm serching for an anthro warrior lion

    Thank you to everyone who answered ^^
  12. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Looking to get an All Purpose Headshot Icon

    I can do digital icons like these for 10$
  13. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Looking for cheap sketches

    For 10$ I can do pictures like these
  14. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Rydia naked $5

    10$ would be fine for me. I don't draw many humans, but since you want her just naked I would be very happy to try. I don't have human art in my gallery, but if you're interest you can have a look here anyway https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pride-dark-dragon/
  15. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Looking for a full body commission for female shark

    I can do something like this for 10$ ^^
  16. Pride-Dark-Dragon

    Looking for a Ref sheet! ($10-$30)

    I can do reference like these for 14$