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  1. FlamelPhoenix

    (Commission) Selling: Full-Body Character Art (sketch to soft shading)

    Do you need a full-body reference for your character or OC? Well, I think I can help you out there. I'm a character artist who can design your OCs and 'sonas ranging from human to anthro, male or female, monster to myths. I'm familiar with several fandoms such as Monster Prom, Super Sentai...
  2. FlamelPhoenix

    Full Body Character Commissions

    As I've recently graduated and I'm currently job hunting, I'm opening up commissions to help myself out until I can land a job. I specialize in full-body character designs of both anthros and humans, both SFW and NSFW If you are interested, Terms of Service I reserve the right to decline...
  3. FlamelPhoenix

    NSFW Fighting Game YCH Auction

    In honor of Injustice 2 & Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, I'm doing a X-ray YCH based on fighting games! These will be flat colored for the final piece, and the costumes cannot change. I'm willing to do colors of your chosing and add some details, but I can't make drastic changes to them. If you...
  4. FlamelPhoenix

    Full body freebs

    I don't mind throwing in a character: www.furaffinity.net: Basta Sekmet (Clothed, Flat) by FlamelPhoenix
  5. FlamelPhoenix

    YCH Auction: X-Ray Host Club Member

    The Furry Host Club is accepting a new member, but it seems that some of the female guests (and some of the male hosts), are curious to what the new guy looks like without his uniform on... After completing a Poke-Anthro parody of 'Ouran Host Club', the Poke Academy Host Club, I decided to...
  6. FlamelPhoenix

    Seeking Feedback

    Thank you so much. It's ironic, I took my first life drawing course last semester and I'm actually one of the life drawing models on my campus (and I'm the senior male model). I guess I've never been able to figure out what 'loose' really feels like in a pose. For the straiations, I use the...
  7. FlamelPhoenix

    Seeking Feedback

    Hey guys, so while I've been on FA for awhile, I really haven't gotten any decent feedback, critques, or tips on my artwork, so I was hoping that by going to the forums, I could get some help. I'd appreciate the feedback and tip on how to better my art. Link to my Gallery: Artwork Gallery for...
  8. FlamelPhoenix

    Hey There!

    Still, be a start to at least get noticed on by people first so people can watch me if they want! I've just gotten tired of the people who watch and never fave or comment.
  9. FlamelPhoenix

    Hey There!

    So, hi there! I'm new to the forums, but I've been on FA for a while now. What brought me over here was the fact I'm not really connecting with many new people, just the artists I knew from Y!Gallery and tumblr. So, I thought I'd take to the forums to meet some new people! I'm hoping that...