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  1. smolmuffin

    Fursuit In Mind (but need some specific advice)

    Not too deep in the community and I didn't know of any active fursuit advice/tips communities so I figured I would ask here in hopes of someone having the knowledge, or can at least direct me to someone who can. Been considering turning one of my ocs (A cat like robot) into a fursona for over a...
  2. smolmuffin

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) [OPEN](SFW) Feral, Anthro & Humanoid Commissions!

    What's the difference between the general and custom categories?
  3. smolmuffin

    Catch up since the forums are back

    I haven't really done too much since the forums went down? I guess the biggest highlight was that I made a new friends with a rp server and with the Othercon events. Oh! And I did secure a moderator position for a weather server.
  4. smolmuffin

    Forum Concern regarding new TOS

    It would most likely take consistent rule breaking and/or a extreme action that leads to the consequence of being removed. Just read IggyKoopa's message and yea, I think that is the case as well. A lot of sites have this on their ToS.
  5. smolmuffin


    Oh wow. Forums are back online. I checked every other day since they went down, hoping that we didn't run into a MSPA Forums like situation (for those that don't know, it was a forum for a webseries site that went down suddenly, never came back on and later on it was discovered that years of non...
  6. smolmuffin

    Forum Concern regarding new TOS

    This is a bit confusing but I don't think they would legit ban someone because they feel like it. I think this is a general statement for them to have coverage if the site needed to be deleted for whatever reason or if they had to take administrative action for legit reasons. Its hard to explain...
  7. smolmuffin

    Why is modern music like farting with a mixture of Arabic, Indian and English?

    I don't really click with a lot of the newer stuff played on the radio. I haven't listened to the radio significantly in YEARS. Of course back then, I was younger and had a slightly different taste in music. But this doesn't mean all modern music is "bad", its just finding what you like...
  8. smolmuffin

    Do furries really hate anime/manga and anime/manga styled stuff?

    I don't click with a lot of anime but I don't think that's related to its usual style. There's a lot of stuff out there to watch and I think its more of me being overwhelmed or not wanting to watch tons of seasons before it gets interesting for me. I've seen Jojo (haven't finished, might not...
  9. smolmuffin

    are fur paws good for winter?

    I can't see a lot of fursuit parts lasting too long in snowy and outdoor conditions. However if you want something that resembles paws, try making your own paw gloves out of apparel fleece or a minky/very short fur like material. (but not faux fur!) Regular fleece like I used could work too...
  10. smolmuffin

    Furries with aphantasia?

    I struggle to imagine things, I still get the input but it tends to be fuzzy/faint/fleeting/incomplete. If its something I've never seen before I tend to struggle harder. Could just be my ADHD tho, focusing has always been a struggle.
  11. smolmuffin

    Thoughts on "The Fandom" documentary?

    Loved it. It was very interesting to learn about the history and origins of the community. Really appreciated it bringing up the fact that there is such a vast majority of queer people within the fandom. Some more serious topics were brought up, not a complete expert but they were mentioned and...
  12. smolmuffin

    Recommended Fabric Type For Bird Suits?

    I apologize if this sounds like a silly question. Did check the rules and this seems fine so I figured that I ask. What type of fabric would you recommend for a bird suit? Specifically head, arm wings and the tail feathers? (Already planning on using leggings and a different shorter fabric for...
  13. smolmuffin

    Othercon - virtual otherkin/therian/alterhuman convention (Aug 12th-14th)

    Ooo this looks like it would be interesting. I'm fictionkin so there is some overlap between the fictionkin and otherkin communities experience wise but yea I'll check it out if I have the time those days!
  14. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    Sure I have no issue with that. Are you sending those or do you want to look them up?
  15. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    Not 100% sure about my bone structure. I haven't broken anything yet but I did have scoliosis that bugged some of my doctors for a bit when I was younger, but didn't cause me much pain. I believe my face is ovalish?
  16. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    Okay a couple of things to answer. I love exploring my identity and the self. I never had a solid sense of identity as a child... never had the sense where I felt like "one". So by exploring labels and identities it helps to find answers and be more secure. I feel what blocks me is anxiety and...
  17. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    Huh yea that is interesting. Also I don't mind talking about my gender and such, I just don't have the energy to explain stuff and I can get a bit annoyed when it feels like I need to defend my identity to be seen as valid. (don't worry you haven't hit that yet)
  18. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    Ah thats fine. I can understand the confusion and I do appreciate you being respectful about it. I never felt quite right identifying as a female. Something felt off and I started to develop discomfort about my chest and didn't like how I was perceived as female. But yet identifying as male...
  19. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    I consider myself non binary, but with a slight lean towards male. I tend to be more feminine in terms of social behavior I think, not sure. When it comes to romance, I'm not very lucky at it, I expect a ideal relationship but no one I meet, reaches my standards and I end up hurting myself with...
  20. smolmuffin

    Im an astrologer and also new guy.

    Ah. :0 Glad to hear that.