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  1. Bunnikkila

    Need a picture of a toony fox (Closed)

    Hi there! I can do a fullbody with an abstract bg for $25; turn around would be about three days. An example: My email is bunnikkila@gmail.com - thank you for looking!
  2. Bunnikkila

    Looking for refsheets, Halfbodies, Chibis, NSFW Art

    Hello! I actually specialize in chibis and am having a ref sale at the moment! Ref Sheet: $25 Chibis: ($10 per character) And a non-chibi halfbody would be $17! Thanks for looking! My email is bunnikkila@gmail.com!
  3. Bunnikkila

    Looking for $10> Commissions!

    Hi there! Rabbits are my favorite animal - I'd love to draw a wolpertinger! I'm actually running a special on character sheets right now - $25 for a fullbody and four sketched expressions. I am willing to add an extra fullbody for $10, and extra expressions for $3 each. My examples are sonic...
  4. Bunnikkila

    Looking for mature art(still SFW) chubby artist required

    Hello! I have two styles with different numbers of stickers per price: (I didn't have any bear examples so these were whipped up on the fly - the sticker designs will be more refined!) I can be reached at bunnikkila@gmail.com. Thanks!
  5. Bunnikkila

    Looking for a Headshot, $20 Budget

    Hi there! I normally charge $10 for lines + flats while streaming; I can give you that price and add shading for a total of $15. Here's an example: I also do icons with simple 2-color abstrack background for $7 each!
  6. Bunnikkila

    Looking for a simple reference sheet ($20-$40 budget)

    Hi there! I normally do full body non-chibis for $20 each; for the same character, I can do the two full-bodies plus four headshots (for different expressions). My FA gallery is here; I can be contacted at bunnikkila@gmail.com. Thanks!
  7. Bunnikkila

    $5 headshots, $25 character sheets!

    Hello! This is a master post for the types of commissions I am currently offering. Examples are below! Two-color Headshots: $5 Icons: $7 Chibis: $10 per character Sonic Character Intro Image: $15; additional pose (same character) for $10 Digital Sketch Sheet: $25 for four images Character Sheet...