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  1. Lunao

    Nyanta Head request

    Hey all, My boyfriend is looking to cosplay Nyanta from Log Horizon for an upcoming convention and he is looking for someone to craft the head for it as we are not skilled in fursuiting. I have looked around and saw that many makers are currently closed and whatnot so I have gone here to ask...
  2. Lunao


    I'm surprised there hasn't been much updates in this thread since the game had come out. I'm on the Rowsdower server, playing a Chua Spellslinger. Name is Lunao. I would like some people to play with since my brother really only plays late at night.
  3. Lunao

    Tips for next year's Anthrocon

    @LordBorel: I thought that hotels included parking for their guests but my thinking as why this one didn't was the fact that it's all valet service and they need to be paid. You can't park your car yourself because of the union.
  4. Lunao

    Classic Anthro Movies - What Makes Them So Special

    I think it has to do with when we were all kids. Every kid liked to watch cartoon movies from Disney or other studios and many of them featured anthropomorphic animals as main characters. I would say this has to do more with our childhoods than with furries. It is keeping the child in us alive.
  5. Lunao

    Furs by College/University 2

    Old Dominion University, Virginia
  6. Lunao

    The Demise of Square-Enix

    Oh boy here we go again with the debate over Square-Enix and Final Fantasy. I hope you know that they make games other than Final Fantasy. If you wish to argue the demise of SE as a result of the latter FF titles, you could have a good argument there. Most of SE's fanbase lies in the Final...
  7. Lunao

    Zoology Major

    I myself am a Zoology major. I've had an interest in working with animals since long before I knew what a furry was. It's not that strange to be in this profession so long as you don't screw the animals. Even among furries that is just wrong. I am almost done with my college career and...
  8. Lunao

    Stuff that makes that part of your brain labed 'furry' flash

    My friends say I have a fox face when I grin largely. It even creeps one friend of mine out. I'm not even a fox. Oh well, I guess it's because I used to cosplay Ichimaru Gin from Bleach.
  9. Lunao

    Tips for next year's Anthrocon

    Well it's more like I have beef with Pittsburgh in general. Just looking for ways to maximize enjoyment next time I go. Any hotel/parking secrets are greatly welcomed. I kind of wished I asked for this stuff before going up there.
  10. Lunao

    Tips for next year's Anthrocon

    I'm not having issues with how AC was handled. It went very well. I'm just in the planning stage for next year as I didn't think it through for this year and any help is appreciated.
  11. Lunao

    Tips for next year's Anthrocon

    I had a blast at this year's Anthrocon but factors outside the convention itself made the whole experience not as great as I expected it to be. First goes to the hotel I stayed at. I was at the double tree and the room they had didn't come with a mini fridge or a microwave in the room. I was...
  12. Lunao

    Tf2 furry servers?

    I play on Southern Cross Gaming. It's a furry server
  13. Lunao

    Graphics card issues

    I swear, when my driver was updated, it put things on the lowest setting without giving me a chance.
  14. Lunao

    Graphics card issues

    I tried that first and my graphics are looking better than they did before. I never knew to go in there and do that. Thank you so much
  15. Lunao

    Graphics card issues

    Thank you. I will definitely try that. Now I just need to find that version.
  16. Lunao

    Graphics card issues

    When I play my Steam games (TF2, L4D2, Fallout New Vegas) I am noticing the texture on the terrain and objects are low resolution in quality. Take for example the text that appears on the hub around the knobs in fallout. It's all blurry. Same goes for little signs on the sentry in TF2. Even...
  17. Lunao

    Cataclysm is out. What now?

    Warcraft is a black hole for your wallet and social life. I know from past experience. I have been done with that game for many years. Have fun wasting your life away on the game some more.
  18. Lunao

    Valve's putting up a new game on Monday. It's free.

    The Furry Pound needs to create servers for this game as it is awesome. Also there is an achievement in it that grants a hat in TF2. If anything, play to get the hat
  19. Lunao

    Monster Hunter Tri!

    Maybe I should post my Monster Hunter ID: ZV8MGP I am currently on the 3-star quests
  20. Lunao

    The Do-Not of Monster Hunter Tri Online

    Do not take the EZ Shock Trap when you didn't start the quest, die somewhere where the boss isn't, and then go offline. Had that happen today.