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  1. Mr. Butterton

    Hard Fetish Story

    And yes, I understood it when you said ANYTHING
  2. Mr. Butterton

    Hard Fetish Story

    Yes, I do have examples. I charge $0.01 per word, which is about $5 per page. P.M me for an example!
  3. Mr. Butterton

    Hard Fetish Story

    Hello! I'm an erotica author, and I'd be glad to help you!
  4. Mr. Butterton

    Furry Stories! (SFW or NSFW)

    Hello everyone! As the title states, I'm looking to be commissioned to write stories! I write in any and all genres. From horror to Epics, to romance, to Slice of Life, to even erotica. I charge $0.01 per word. I can fit about 500 words per page. So each page is about $5. Here's a link to my...
  5. Mr. Butterton

    Commissions Open (NSFW okay!)

    Hello! I saw your thread, and I'm very interested in commissioning you!
  6. Mr. Butterton

    A Dedicated Comic Illustrator

    Hello! I am currently searching for an artist for my developing web comic: Forge-Story. It's about a young boar named Wilfred J. Butterton who dreams of being a knight, and going on adventures. However, he isn't exactly "adventurer" material. He's clueless, inexperienced, childish, and even a...
  7. Mr. Butterton

    Looking for an illustrator

    Hello everyone! As the tittle says, I'm in search for a dedicated illustrator for my web comic series! What's it about? Well it's about an anthropomorphic boar who joins an elite guild of warriors known as The Silver Beasts, and goes on grand quests and adventures. And although he’s quite an...