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  1. zackstryker

    Will the new server have a beefy right arm?

    Well, I think that WOULD be a plus. But the matter is if they can find a sutiable search engine for FA internally.
  2. zackstryker

    New Servers

    That they certainly are. I can pick 1TB for less than $200 now
  3. zackstryker

    Single Greatest Furry Comic?

    I have a lot of comics I read, and I will list them here in order of preference, since they're all my favourites: A Doemain of Our Own Badly Drawn Kitties Better Days Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures Jack Kevin and Kell Kit n Kay Boodle Las Lindas Namir Deiter Pandacracy Roomies Sabrina Online...
  4. zackstryker

    ummm holy crap O_O i had no idea when i named my website that....

    I'm pretty sure that if you're wanting to change it to thebeastcub dot com, or whatnot, freewebs will allow you to do so, free of charge. Best to look in their faqs.
  5. zackstryker


    I need help on drawing hands... That is the worst part of my downfall at this point in time...
  6. zackstryker

    Voice Acting

    Well, Devo, the easiest way I've found is to get into radio. The best way to get your foot in the door for that is to volunteer to help around, doing what is needed, etc. I just finished college after attending a two-year radio broadcasting program, and it's only given me a small advantage...
  7. zackstryker


    Hey, folks! How goes? Name's Zack, and I am a writer and artist who SEVERELY needs to get his drawing skills back up to par. I am an RPer, loving IRC to do so, and I am also a very open-minded, easygoing guy. So, there you have it! For more info, feel free to visit my FA page.
  8. zackstryker

    FYI: I am an Outage

    I can imagine the amount of submissions, etc. that will come flooding in when everything is back up and working... If I were a server at this point in time, I'd be taking some morphine. XD