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  1. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    I loves it!!! Oh and as for scruffy, Fluffiness it suits me totally cause I'm all lazy like and i was in the position earlier actually when I was sun baking haha!! *glomps* Thankies!!!!
  2. Chaotic_Soma

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    Meh I'm cat-like everyone knows that my group we don't label, I'm called furry by the other two Fur's in the group but otherwise I'm just Daniel though everyone pretty much knows hahah the other day my friends Ashleigh had specifically bought me a ball of yar to play with, Her kitten and I had a...
  3. Chaotic_Soma

    What are you scared of the most

    Being forgotten about and just not needed, I hate the feeling that I'm not needed/wanted haha *scratches head awkwardly* Other than that I'm not fond of spiders, But not afraid of them. Like clowns I dislike them as I find them not funny but I'm not afraid of them.
  4. Chaotic_Soma

    Which consoles do you own?

    Hmm well I have: PS1 PS2 (Chipped) PSP 1000 series (Hacked) DS fat (R4DS with the latest Wood Bios) Gamecube And I guess my Computer kinda counts with all it emulators and such. Pretty much with the hacks I can back play and play most games. I don't have any new gen consoles because I haven't...
  5. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    Heya Toba, How goes the drawing of my Kitteh self eh? Here's hoping the school work ain't like crushing you in it's evil grip!
  6. Chaotic_Soma

    Confessions Thread

    I confess that I'm too lazy to go see if my money has come in the bank today because if so I have to my RSA course the following day. I wish someone was here to poke me with a stick to get me moving haha *sprawls out and relaxes*
  7. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    Ewww work and school, Take your time and I'm sure it'll be awesome! I have to go for my RSA so I can work at the local community club as a bartender, My mate set me up there! But I'm looking forward to it hehe!
  8. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    Hehe yay I was chosen!!!! *jumps up and down crazily* Oh I'm gay just not overly sparkly bout it haha! *purrs happily at being chosen*
  9. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    O_O I thought profiles had that showing or something, Well I have a penis haha! So I guess that makes me male. No offense taken btw, It's S'allright!
  10. Chaotic_Soma

    What is your sexual orientation?

    I'm gay and have been for pretty much all my life, Ever since year 4 wayyyyyy back in Primary I have known for sure! Hmm not one of the sparkle kinda though unless I've been hanging out with a few gay friends or wimen friends and I adapt to their mannerisms, Normally alot of people can't tell...
  11. Chaotic_Soma

    Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Fen is right though about that fact, As well as now we are always expecting more and more from games and sometimes we see some that take a step back and we go "OMG WORST THING EVER!!!! I MEAN COMPARE IT TO SO AND SO!!!!" I just think taking some games at face value and enjoying them for what...
  12. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    Hehe thanks for the consideration and compliments! Hey I'm sure with practice and just loving what you do you'll become a fricken amazing artist and if you won't value you work at least you'll know your friends will!! And I always get a little selfconscious about talking about myself I feel like...
  13. Chaotic_Soma

    DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You open the box to find WTF A CAT!?!?!?!?

    *purrs at scratches on head* Murrroww!! hehe thanks for the welcome!! *eyes light up at ball of yarn* heherrrrooOWWW!!! *pounces on it and starts tossing it about and playing with it*
  14. Chaotic_Soma

    Need a feline please

    RRRAAWRRR!!!! *jumps in through an open window* Hehe awesome that you chose Kitties as your topic!! Hmm I guess I can describe what I view myself to look like I guess as a fur *scratches head* I'm just your regular styled house cat btw haha! Well I have Ashen brown hair that is alittle on the...
  15. Chaotic_Soma

    Rate The Song Above You!

    5/10 I liked the instruments and then the voacals kicked in, Not my style of trip! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8BWBn26bX0
  16. Chaotic_Soma

    DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You open the box to find WTF A CAT!?!?!?!?

    Hahah awesomeness another Kitteh!! RAWWRRR!! Thankies for the welcome! :3 There is sucking involoved here :O WHY WASN'T I TOLD!?!?! hahahaah jksjks But don't worry I'm sure I can keep up here!
  17. Chaotic_Soma

    Just why do people keep connecting all Furries to Yiff?

    That's a really disturbing sight to try to imagine, But I guess if you think about there is something or someone dedicated to it *shudders in fear*
  18. Chaotic_Soma

    DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You open the box to find WTF A CAT!?!?!?!?

    Sounds like the recipe for an awesome party *pulls many bottles of vodka out of thin air* PAAARRRRTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
  19. Chaotic_Soma

    Whats your absolute favorite genre of music, go.

    I'm pretty much into everything the only genre's i'm not too into is gangsta rap that is derogitory and Screamo music that is just there to make noise, Otherwise I pretty much like everything! :3
  20. Chaotic_Soma

    Meeting random furs?

    I've been glomped by people when I'm wearing my tail and ears, But I tend to wear them only for special occasions like dress up parties and such. I would definetly run up to them and compliment their outfits and such, but hey sometimes I do that with really well dressed people when I'm at the...