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  1. -Lucario-


    Yes, but I primarily do it to piss off people. It is fun to go duely in any gun-con game.
  2. -Lucario-

    Steam Username List

    Steam ID- Hound_Hitter My IGN is Blue Jackal.
  3. -Lucario-

    Another new member

    Welcome to the forums Amber. If you ever need anything then feel free to send me a pm with your questions/concerns and I will do my best to help you out. Enjoy your stay with us.
  4. -Lucario-

    What's Your Sexual Preference?

    *sigh* Another one of these? Can't we just sticky this thread so it isn't recreated anymore? +1 for straight.
  5. -Lucario-

    What's your favorite instrument?

    I play the musical saw when I roll medic on TF2.
  6. -Lucario-


    Hey Krupak and welcome to the forum! If you have any questions or concerns then feel free to send me a PM and I will assist. I hope you enjoy your time on the forums.
  7. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    But it wasn't me officer! That Lucario was a spy! + IR virgin so my story is more believable. :>
  8. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    I am. 0:3
  9. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    Nah, you're just being to paranoid :grin:
  10. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    Either or it works. There are zooaphiles floating around the entire fandom and not just FA(F). Nah, just the select few members like our very own fido fucking Chyuukuchi :V
  11. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    People wanting to fuck dogs..... nope that sounds about right for FAF.
  12. -Lucario-

    strange :O

    it would know now wouldn't it?
  13. -Lucario-

    What's the best furry online game?

    If the makers say it's furry, then it is furry.
  14. -Lucario-

    What's the best furry online game?

    Starfox isn't a furry game.
  15. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    ITT: Chyuukuchi is a zooaphile.
  16. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    Grim, people like this have it coming. =|
  17. -Lucario-


    You're a ditto. :V
  18. -Lucario-


    Hello John and welcome to FAF, if you have any questions/concerns then feel free to bring them to me and I will assist you to the best of my abilities. I hope you enjoy your stay with us on the forums.
  19. -Lucario-

    Virgin or not?

    Awkward, you took the whole "Mans best friend" thing to a whole new level, you should feel terrible!