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  1. bubblymaika

    What's your favorite smell?

    Lavender, Matilija Poppies, burning wood/charcoal, mint, most herbs in general. Oh and the ocean.
  2. bubblymaika

    Members by Species

    Username: bubblymaika Species: Desert Cottontail Category: Lagomorph
  3. bubblymaika

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Uhhh, hope whoever gets me likes spiders.
  4. bubblymaika

    kids yes or no?

    Kids yes, getting pregnant is another story. I'd much rather adopt tbh.
  5. bubblymaika


    Yeah haha, but it brought me to the forums at least!
  6. bubblymaika

    What is your drink of choice?

  7. bubblymaika


    Lopunnies are the best normal types! Great meeting you too :3
  8. bubblymaika


    Since FA is down, I figured I'd make an account here to meet new people. Not much to say about me tbh, I'm a bio major who likes to draw kirbies, pokemon, birds, etc. My favorite genres of music are trance, house, nu-disco, and electro-swing. I love classic horror films as well. I don't really...
  9. bubblymaika

    If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life

    Rice noodles with soy sauce and shrimp.
  10. bubblymaika

    Also excuse the kirby avatar, it was the only thing the site would let my upload that didn't...

    Also excuse the kirby avatar, it was the only thing the site would let my upload that didn't look like crap. D:
  11. bubblymaika

    Your Opinion on Churches

    Lovely on the outside, but I don't like being in them AT ALL. I don't know why, it's just really, really uncomfortable. Shall I get the butter ready?
  12. bubblymaika

    First exposure to furry?

    Deviantart. Self-explanatory.
  13. bubblymaika

    Pro or anti yiff?

    I think what bothers me most is that people automatically judge you as a person because you draw porn. I can't count the number of times I've seen people on deviantart and tumblr that automatically consider someone a horrible person with no redeeming qualities whatsoever for drawing it, even the...
  14. bubblymaika

    Manga recommendations

    If you enjoy horror manga, I really recommend Junji Ito's works. He also has a "horror" comic about his fiance's cats.
  15. bubblymaika

    What's your favourite Zootopia character?

    Clawhauser is precious. Also really love Judy, I just adore rabbit characters!
  16. bubblymaika

    Just testing this out

    Just testing this out