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  1. Lyka Snowfield

    What was your old sona?

    Yes, it's a rare uncommon sub-species. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himalayan_wolf. I choose it bacause of my buddhist roots.
  2. Lyka Snowfield

    What was your old sona?

    Black female Himalayan wolf with blue eyes. I still consider her my original main fursona, just officially retired since 2016. My life had some major changes back then, so I felt like 'adjusting' this character of mine according to the personal changes as human being. So 'Lyka's basically just...
  3. Lyka Snowfield

    Who's your dream fursuit maker?

    Inerri Creatures Clockwork Creatures Luna Forest / Snow Volkolak Nagi Fursuits
  4. Lyka Snowfield

    Is being furry like being in a cult?

    No, it's not a cult of course but a private interest or identity.
  5. Lyka Snowfield

    Foxes of FA

    Yes but no since my wolf genes are dominant ^^ I've got more wolf than fox blood in my veins. Still..I can't just deny my foxy heritage here and there :P
  6. Lyka Snowfield

    Foxes of FA

    I'm only half part fox :P
  7. Lyka Snowfield

    Your opinions on the connection between kinks and cartoons?

    Well, I don't have much to say on this topic except fot that I don't like kinks especially on cartoons. It's weirds.
  8. Lyka Snowfield

    Happy Pride Month

    Yeah, it's definitdly the best time of the year :D Just like one big party...open end unlimited 24/7 without any boundaries.
  9. Lyka Snowfield

    Eurofurence 25

    @Clary: Cool! Is it going to be your first EF or have you already been there in previous years before?
  10. Lyka Snowfield

    Little things you like?

    Uhhhh there are plenty!! Ocean sunsets Rainbows after a thunderstorm The smell of ocean waves, wet paint, gras, wood or flowers in bloom The sound of wolf howling The silence and atmosphere of old libraries Books, paper and pens Triple chocolate-hazelnut cookies Coconut-caramel-vanilla latte...
  11. Lyka Snowfield

    What made you a furry?

    I've always been one since the very age of six even though I didn't know the exact term for it back then. It all started with a web comic and some detailed online research about homosexual animal-related fairytales in 2009.
  12. Lyka Snowfield

    Trying to make some friends!

    Hello there! Welcome to the FA forum. Make yourself at home and have a cookie *offers one with a happy smile* PM's open
  13. Lyka Snowfield

    Subtle ways you express being a furry?

    Well, I don't know if it's subtle...but I my buttons or shirts might count for it ..?
  14. Lyka Snowfield

    Admin Review: Our controversial fandom

    It is true that the fandom has become and turned to into a war zone. The original 'code' and meaning of being a furry has become lost over time. The approx. age of new members is decreasing constantly while the values and depth of topics and public display are limited to (kinky) intimate...
  15. Lyka Snowfield

    What was the most scariest thing you've ever seen/experienced?

    Watching a cat falling off a 20 meter high window silt right in front of my eyes. She crashed down onto the pavement with a bloody heartbreaking yelp of pain, trying to stand on her paws again, crawling and hiding underneath a near by car. I rushed over to help her but it was useless. I dashed...
  16. Lyka Snowfield

    are there sloths fursonas?

    I guess so..?
  17. Lyka Snowfield

    Sad fact about your fursona

    Sad facts? Bloody violent childhood. Messed up relationship. Expelled by her family for being gay.
  18. Lyka Snowfield

    How many (main) fursonas have you had in your life ?

    Only one as my main fursona but I also started to create a couple more chars for my own little universe this year.