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  1. SweetLovePunch

    Webcomic: Monster girls on tour

    Wait no! I just saw the lizard species you made and now that one is my favorite! (I think I just picked up my reptilian love from argonians lol)
  2. SweetLovePunch

    Webcomic: Monster girls on tour

    AH! This is so cool! I love your girls, especially the Lamia with the red ribbons :p But all of them have such dynamic expressions and poses - keep up the awesome work!
  3. SweetLovePunch

    Nasty, Dirty Writing Commissions: ANY NSFW ($8 per 1k words)

    Hello! SweetLovePunch here, offering writing commissions for fandom and original work! I am a professional writer by trade, both freelance and professional. I've had experience as an article and blog writer, as well as worked in a few office jobs that forced me to write a lot of technical...