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  1. Birchnutter

    5/17 Site Attack

  2. Birchnutter

    5/17 Site Attack

    me on the website rn
  3. Birchnutter

    Looking for artist to draw fursona (closed)

    My price chart is here!
  4. Birchnutter

    Animal Abusers

    On the topic of zoophilia, if we're going by the definition which is an attraction to animals then it is harmless in itself. As long as it remains a fantasy then I don't see an issue. Bestiality though, makes you a sick fuck.
  5. Birchnutter

    Looking for Ref Sheet (and maybe more?)

    My price sheet is here
  6. Birchnutter

    Things That You Love v3.0

    I totally recommend it especially if you're someone that has trouble sleeping and/or anxiety. Though it doesn't work for everyone.
  7. Birchnutter

    Currently/Recently Playing Thread

    Super Hexagon needs to burn.
  8. Birchnutter

    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

    I don't have the Steam version but I do have it for the Vita. It's still one of my most liked games tbh. Man, I remember when the fandom was huge back in 2013. Those were some good times.
  9. Birchnutter

    Things That You Love v3.0

    ASMR is nice tbh.
  10. Birchnutter

    Stories ruin sonas?

    I used to do that until I just wanted my fursona to be me in every way. Their interests, personality, and all of the sort are all mine. They're pretty much me if i was a dragon. Though sometimes I make characters that I can relate to but have their own story, if that's relevant.
  11. Birchnutter

    Any childfree folk here?

    To be fair tho I'd probably just have my cats instead to replace the kids. Yeah it's still a lot of maintenance but like I said. Less stress lol
  12. Birchnutter

    Any childfree folk here?

    Fucks kids lol. I'm going to blow all my money on my partner and I and will have a stress free life.
  13. Birchnutter

    Opinion on Furry Porn?

    Sometimes I can find the porn attractive. Though it's typically because they're from a TV show or video game so they have a personality that attracts me. If I come across typical furry porn I typically just admire the art rather than get sexually aroused by it.
  14. Birchnutter

    "Original" Characters

    I only have two OCs, one is my fursona and one as a character that I use for story writing and roleplaying and all that good stuff. I used to think OCs were dumb until I felt like making a character one day and it all escalated from there.
  15. Birchnutter

    Why are so many furries gay?

  16. Birchnutter

    Why are so many furries gay?

    all de cocks
  17. Birchnutter

    Why are so many furries gay?

    oh man oh boy do i sure love to suck dragon cock
  18. Birchnutter

    Why are you gay

    Nobody is insulting you though? People nowadays use faggot as a joking term these days. I can see how back in say 2010 it would have been a touchy word but very rarely do people use faggot in a serious way anymore, and the people who do can never be taken seriously imo.
  19. Birchnutter

    Why are you gay

    I'm bisexual, so uh, yeah. Being called a faggot and calling people faggots is fun. Ty.