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  1. Sinclare Lovelace

    Hiring: Looking for an artist (SFW and NSFW are welcome)

    Hello Delicious Friend! I would like to do this for you, for the two in full body my price would only be $35 usd with a simple/monocolor background, and a higher quality background would be between $10-$15 usd depending on your preference. I work rather quickly once I have a project and could...
  2. Sinclare Lovelace

    Hiring sketch artists (5-20 USD)

    Hello Delicious Friend :D I'm actually very interested in the Enfeild sketch, and since it would just be a sketch, I'd only charge $10 USD for Full body or $5 for waist or above. Below are the links to my DA and FA Galleries, as well as a few examples of my work.
  3. Sinclare Lovelace

    Hiring: $250 Max, Looking for Artist

    Hello Delicious Friend :D I've done quite a few Pokemon pictures lately, though I don't know how anthro you'd like them I'm open to a challenge and I can do all 3 of your ideas for about 75 without Backgroungs 105 with simple backgrounds (Props and sky/ground but little to no shading, like the...
  4. Sinclare Lovelace

    Hiring: LF: Human Artist to do group pic. ($250 Budget)

    Hello Delicious Friend :D Fortunately for you I have close to 10 years experience commissioning human characters in a variety of styles over those years. Though these can just be a few that I've posted online I've also wanted to do a group picture for a while. My Prices are usually $25 USD...
  5. Sinclare Lovelace

    Hiring: NSFW art (10-15$) [closed]

    Hello Delicious Friend :D I normally go a little higher on my commissions, but since I'm in a tough spot atm I'll be willing to take this on for 10-15 USD. My only condition is that communication be plentiful and that Pyruus is the only one in the picture. My Gallery is here, though woefully...
  6. Sinclare Lovelace

    Which is more important, Views or Favorites of your Furaffinity posts?

    I think both are very important, especially when building a fan base, but a fave is very visible and can be shared indirectly through another user's page, earning more views. They kind of need each other a little bit
  7. Sinclare Lovelace

    Is it okay to tracks bases?

    I feel this is a sort of odd question, in the sense there is no real answer. I mean, I'm all for people tracing a style to learn on their own, like with sketchbooks and drawing books and things like that. Sometimes the best way to learn is to copy and see the lines all coming together in the...
  8. Sinclare Lovelace

    Sketchbook: Sinclare's Art Dump. (Some WIPs included)

    I know I tried making this sketchbook thread for a little while and it just....didn't work with editing, so I decided to try this again. Most of my work is human anatomy, but I have some okay anthro and other species as well as some bad ones under my belt, might as well share them all. Very...
  9. Sinclare Lovelace

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to draw an inkling.

    Hi! I would very much be interesting in drawing your inkling for well under your price range. I wont bother your thread with a bunch of pictures, but below is a copy of my price card and my link to my FA Gallery Artwork Gallery for Sinclarelovelace -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. Sinclare Lovelace

    A Quick Question

    Thanks :D
  11. Sinclare Lovelace

    A Quick Question

    So Obviously people like posting their art here and I understand this forum has a sort of community (which is great) and since I'm still new to a lot of this sort of thing, I have to ask something. Is there like....a problem with posting art here even if it's not furry or anthro or so on? I...
  12. Sinclare Lovelace

    How to commission art for absolute beginners?

    I suppose I can help here. Step 1: Know what you want done. The most frustrating thing for any artist is when their client doesn't know what they want, a surprise is fine, or it can be a disaster. Think about in detail what you want from the person, background, full body, art...
  13. Sinclare Lovelace

    It Feels Hopeless...

    Being someone with low self esteem,I fully understand this feeling of dread snd hopelessness. Still,it's the snall progress that counts for something. I'm 25 now but I've been drawing since I was seven,and style and skill changes but constantly I feel reminded of those who are far better than...
  14. Sinclare Lovelace

    Have any artsits ever dealt with a commissioner who...

    Gah! This kind of thing drives me insane. I don't get many comissions due to my full time job, but those I do end up in a similar boat. Using the same C and A as Op; C : I want *type of character for a community I'm not apart of* doing this in this room A: okay.....so you want a...
  15. Sinclare Lovelace

    Considering taking comissions.....

    Considering taking comissions.....
  16. Sinclare Lovelace

    After 6 years giving up art, I returned in 2018. This is my year in art.

    Definetly earned a follow, just so much detail. Can't decide if I envy your skill or admire it.
  17. Sinclare Lovelace

    The Trouble of Digital Art

    Can't disagree with above,though thise size tablets can get pricey. Another method is actually to adjust your program to a smaller size on your monitor,which also conveniently opens up space for reference pictures or information. Adjusting the size of the program also can help with the...
  18. Sinclare Lovelace

    Thoughts on finding characters to draw?

    Sadly I can't offer much other help or suggestions for you to do something you genuinely don't like to do. Seems like doing comissions would be more stressful than it would be worth in your case.
  19. Sinclare Lovelace

    Thoughts on finding characters to draw?

    It doesn't even have to be until happy exactly. Sometimes it's like locking a feeling,positive and negative,into something. But maybe that's just me.
  20. Sinclare Lovelace

    Need some advice here

    Oh I get this feeling constantly. It's horribly discouraging and doesn't help the whole depression thing when you have a physical reminder that tells you that you're not a good as you want to be. It's always " They're so much better,why do I bother trying?" Or "Gods I suck at this" ECT. But...