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  1. Autumnal

    "You're Not a Furry Are You?"

    ...I didn't know people in real life used the internet/knew what furry is. one person at my school knows what they are... and she knows from CSI. I'm in a tiny school though, so...
  2. Autumnal

    Favorite People on FA (and why)

    Autumn: that person nobody's heard of but is fucking awesome anyway.
  3. Autumnal

    Is it possible to have a semi-lucid dream?

    The only experience with lucidity I had was when I was a very young child, around age 6-7. I invented a sort of television control for myself within my dreams that could "change the channel" of the dreams I was seeing. Whenever I would have a nightmare, which frequently included tornadoes...
  4. Autumnal

    bed sheets for furs

    ...what the shit?
  5. Autumnal

    PPL just don't get it.

    I had my first experience with furry intolerance, where my friend randomly goes "you know there's this animal cult where people dress up and have sex in costumes? i saw it on CSI it's soooo weird" ...I was going to tell her I was furry too, until then. Ah, well, I don't really care.
  6. Autumnal

    Furries with furries

    I have two cats and a dog... whereas my fursona is feline in apperance, though it's closer to a viverrid, the same family civets come from.
  7. Autumnal

    Can you tell if someone is Welsh/Scottish, not English, from hearing their accent?

    Re: Can you tell if someone is Welsh/Scottish, not English, from hearing their accent I'm American, and I can tell Scottish from English from Austrailian from New Zealand pretty well.
  8. Autumnal

    omg cuteness!!

    what the hell.
  9. Autumnal

    The Second Annual FA Iron Chef Competition*!

    I'll make brownies! [/lack of skill]
  10. Autumnal

    Most common Fursona

    Don't forget most typical hybrids. Wolf/fox, Wolf/husky, Wolf/dragon, Wolf/anything. loz.
  11. Autumnal

    Why this species?

    Totally agree there. I was considering dhole for my fursona for a bit. But I settled on the fossa after running between domestic feline, maned wolf, dhole, and fossa for a while. I dunno, they're just really awesome, and I feel my personality fits one. c:
  12. Autumnal

    How Old Are You?

    I'll be 16 this February. c: So I'm 15.
  13. Autumnal

    So, who's got eggs?

    I had a bit of a phase when I liked that stuff, but it's incredibly mundane. -__-;
  14. Autumnal

    How can I find out if one of my friends is a furry without raising suspicion?

    Um... just ask him. Or rather, ask why he's so against them. Then maybe you could get somewhere? I don't have much experience with telling people. My best IRL friend knows, and she really doesn't care.
  15. Autumnal

    Furfright 2008 (5th biggest furry convention!)

    I'm in NYC, but I still don't think I can go. >:
  16. Autumnal

    Scientific Furry?

    I don't get it C:
  17. Autumnal

    Why no elderly fursonas?

    My fursona ages at the same rate as I do, considering that my fursona is basically an anthropomorphized version of myself. Same personality, same height, same weight, same wardrobe, same age too.
  18. Autumnal

    Furs by Area Code

    212/646 c:
  19. Autumnal


    Fantasy Vore: I do not enjoy vore for any reason. Pie Real Vore: I think vore is disgusting Cake