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  1. SoundwaveKun


    I think a species tag for robots should be added under exotics, since things like protogens and synths are becoming more and more popular.
  2. SoundwaveKun

    Custom Fursuit Tails!

    Please note!: I only have one photo example for tail, and yes I know they are very poor quality photos because they were never meant to be used as commission examples. Sadly for the time being they are all I have, if I get at least one tail commission I will take example-quality photos and...
  3. SoundwaveKun

    30 dollars to spend!

    Hey there! I could do a couple of things for you for 30$. Here's my commission info! Whatever your commission is will be done in a style more similar to this (colored lineart), I just didn't have enough examples at the time of making this chart of it.
  4. SoundwaveKun

    PWYW Con Badges (no less than 5$)

    Hey I'm selling some fursuit badges at pay what you want to fundraise for a con trip. These are PWYW but I won't take anything less than 5$, and you'll have to tack on 3$ to whatever your offer is if you want it laminated and shipped because that's how much it costs for me to laminate these...
  5. SoundwaveKun

    5$ Badges!

  6. SoundwaveKun


  7. SoundwaveKun

    5$ Badges!

    Hey there! I'm looking to sell some fursuit badges! ^^ They will be 5$ just for the art alone, I do offer laminating/shipping but it'll be about 3$ more to cover the costs. I will only ship to the continental US (meaning everything but Alaska and Hawaii). If you'd like to laminate the badge...
  8. SoundwaveKun

    Question about BLFC: bringing younger siblings?

    Hey so this is probably a super too early question but I'm attending BLFC 2017 and none of their contact sites seem very well updated that I can get an answer anytime soon. So I'm wondering if anyone's had a similar experience to me that they can help out. I'm planning on bringing my sister, who...
  9. SoundwaveKun

    10$ Iron Artist Commissions!

    Hey so with summer coming up and needing money for an upcoming con, I've decided to start an iron artist! 10$ for a full colored fullbody (50% off my normal price!), or waist-up if you prefer. I will not be doing headshots or icons for iron artist. I will have slots open all the time until all...
  10. SoundwaveKun

    Any Las Vegas Cons?

    Wow a thing I've noticed is even though Las Vegas seems like it would be one of the top con locations just based on the fact that there's a lot of places to hold it and a popular tourist spot, there's very little cons in general here. Anyone know of any FurCons in Vegas? I know of a couple...
  11. SoundwaveKun

    hire a samurai

    hire a samurai