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  1. NornHound

    Anybody reading comics atm?

    I haven't read or bought any comics lately, but I am waiting for FairyQuest, by Humberto Ramos. :E @ a certain character; Mr W.
  2. NornHound

    What age are furries?

  3. NornHound

    Deadly Creatures

    That looks awesome! Now, if only the gameplay wasn't motion-controlled... but still! Animals vs Humans, never mind micro species :D
  4. NornHound

    Dragon critique, please? (vore pic)

    I have finished the second stage, but I'll probably wait and see if FA will be back up within 2 weeks, as I don't have any other galleries other than my website (which is for finished work). I don't use DA anymore, and I wouldn't like any more gallery alternatives :D Edit: Forgot to add this...
  5. NornHound

    The Dark Knight (Contains Spoilers)

    Re: The dark knight I saw The Dark Knight about a week ago, and it is a fantastic film. I might be going to see it again this week, though it depends on my current health problems. I was slightly disappointed though, that what was in the trailers & TV shorts didn't end up in the final film...
  6. NornHound

    Furry cartoons?

    It's spelled NIMH, short for National Institute of Mental Health =)
  7. NornHound


    Hey Glenn, welcome to the forum and the fandom! :D *tail wags* Hurray for another Aussie Fur!
  8. NornHound

    It's over $9,000!

    W00t! :D :D :D
  9. NornHound

    Who here likes dragons?

    I like dragons :D I prefer the non-anthropomorphic ones, I like the big, stocky ones. <3 Anthro dragons are good, but takes away the fantasy; like an anthro basilisk wouldn't quite be the same.
  10. NornHound

    The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon

    Yep, that area! Those giant scorpions are a major pain, if it was one at a time and kept to being really strong... fine! But not two of them, complete with riders, trying to kill you at the same time D: The temple sounds interesting, the small temple in the first LoS game was great fun to run...
  11. NornHound

    The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon

    Oohh! First I heard of the third installment O: I like Spyro, played the first PS games, I bought the redone!Spyro games, but at the moment I'm stuck about 2 hours into the second game, because of the constant fights with no chance to breathe. The third game looks awesome, but I'm hoping...
  12. NornHound

    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    I draw furry art, I like furry art and most other places such as animated films and books, but I don't make it like a lifestyle. It's just a fandom, as everyone grew up watching Disney or Loony Tunes. I wouldn't make a big deal if my friends found out that I like this particular interest/hobby...
  13. NornHound

    People from the land of Oz?

    Ozzie here! And no, I can't go to the MidFurX D:
  14. NornHound

    Dragon critique, please? (vore pic)

    Cross-posted to my FA gallery account! I would like some help with this picture, as the title suggests; it's a vore picture, though for now there is no victim. I will probably make this a Mature piece, on terms of blood splatter, but no actual hardcore munchin' on anything =) The picture...
  15. NornHound

    Stanley Kubrick

    Sadly, I've only seen two Kubrick films D: but I own and love both of them! The first Kubrick film I watched was The Shining, and only recently I bought A Clockwork Orange. Clockwork is my favourite out of said two movies :3
  16. NornHound

    Fursona advice.

    You can choose an animal or two or more; that either really fits your personality, or is an animal you just simply really like. Some furs choose their fursona based on what animals they're closely linked to, IE: if you happen to be a breeder or just own a lot of X breed. There's also settling...
  17. NornHound

    How did you choose your species?

    Ooh, I forgot to mention that from the start, my fursona hasn't actually changed at all: same clothing/prints, fur colour, hair-colour, digitigrade design. Just that when I started putting more effort into my drawings, they got better and my current fursona portrait looks 'new' to me, compared...
  18. NornHound

    How did you choose your species?

    My fursona didn't take long to make - within a day for the general idea of her, and recently I came up with a final design (and hopefully final art style at the same time!). I chose dog, a general hound breed; because I love dogs :D and made her a Church Grim/Spectre Hound/etc because of my...
  19. NornHound

    What does your Fursona/Charecter mean to you?

    My fursona to me is an avatar/online identity, a 'pen name' or mascot, firstly for my art work and then just as an.. alias. I haven't given her a personality different from my own. The canine part is because I'm very much a dog person, the supernatural theme is because of my interest in that...
  20. NornHound

    "I've arrived", /me runs

    Welcome to the forums, Bambi! ^__^