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  1. Zero_Point

    Question about an airbrush: Iwata Revolution CR

    Yeah, I've seen that already, and I have the paper version that came with the brush. This is becoming rather infuriating. I signed up with an airbrush forum in hopes of getting this riddle solved, but apparantley their registration system is beyond broken because their authentication links don't...
  2. Zero_Point

    Question about an airbrush: Iwata Revolution CR

    So, not too long ago, I bought an airbrush off the instanets to make certain things easier when it came to painting miniatures (40K). The one I got wasn't capable of hair-lines like I thought, as it has a .5mm nozzle/needle instead of .3mm. BUT, it turns out I can buy those seperately, and most...
  3. Zero_Point

    Ubisoft caught fixing reviews

    X-Play's been bad about this ever since they were took over by G4, or if not they sure are acting like it. It's the main reason I don't like that network anymore (that and they killed The Screensavers >:C). Though when Adam gets all defensive when someone calls him out on it is hilarious. :V
  4. Zero_Point


    I used to grief TF2 achievement servers back when people actually used to host them by the thousands. It lost its charm when it got too easy to make the 10 year-olds squeal. :/
  5. Zero_Point

    Project Needlemouse

    I'm still waiting for a new Vectorman. :/
  6. Zero_Point

    Alpha Antivirus

    Only time I've seen something like that in person was the infamous "Antivirus XP" virus. A friend of mine managed to catch it while downloading "King Ralph" on LimeWire. :V
  7. Zero_Point

    Unity 3D: Awesome *now free* Game Engine.

    http://unity3d.com/unity/download/ Personally, I don't program so I can't say much about it other than it looks to be a pretty damn decent engine, and now it's totally free to use. Though the neat thing is that it's capable of loading 3D games directly into web-browsers with the use of a...
  8. Zero_Point

    Windows 7 - Things that still need fixing

    Will Microsoft have a GOOD OS by then? :<
  9. Zero_Point

    Itty Bitty Text

    THANK GOD FOR THIS THREAD. Finally, my poor eyes can rest a while. :/ Just out of fucking nowhere the text went all tiny on me. :V
  10. Zero_Point

    "Why am I playing this?"

    "Empire at War" and "Command&Conquer: Generals". :/
  11. Zero_Point

    Epic Mickey

    A shame the over-all look of the game isn't as dark/creepy/gritty as I had first imagined it. Oh well, at least it'll be fun. (I hope)
  12. Zero_Point

    iRobot's new thing

    Interesting concept. Wonder how practical it'll prove to be.
  13. Zero_Point

    TF2 Griefing

    That actually worked once. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVePTUgF68Q
  14. Zero_Point

    I have seen some bad AI in my time...

  15. Zero_Point

    The most anticlimactic final boss ever

    Is that what you did? I just used the Chemical Thrower's Electric Gel on his first two forms, then napalm'd him to death on his final form.
  16. Zero_Point

    Games Everyone Likes BUT You

    World of Warcraft. "In this game, you pay $15 a month to grind until you're a high enough level to grind somewhere else! It'll be fun! :D"
  17. Zero_Point

    Technology that's going away...

    DVDs already obsolete? Why does this not surprised me? Let's face it, even if you take the best possible care of your CDs/DVDs, they still oxidize to the point of uselessness in 10-15 years.
  18. Zero_Point

    Second life custom avatars

    Yup. But if you're really interested, the creators of the Crux are auctioning off a custom avatar. Starting bid is *only* $300.
  19. Zero_Point

    How much of a performance increase do you get from a 6MB CPU to a 12MB CPU?

    Cache size defintely makes a difference. A friend of mine once had a 2.8GHz Celeron that could hardly play C&C: Generals for shit because it only had 128K of L2 cache, where-as my 450MHz PII could play it fairly well because it had 512K. :V
  20. Zero_Point

    Okay, so here's the deal.

    I'd stay away from D-Link seeing as it's a gamble. I bought one recently and the thing was a piece of shit. Sent it back and got a Linksys and it's working like a champ. :D