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  1. Jarz

    What do you Eat?

    What about oatmeal for breakfast?
  2. Jarz

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    i should open the window
  3. Jarz

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

  4. Jarz

    Halloween clichè

    sounds interesting... where did i put my pig-mask? >.>
  5. Jarz


    i dont know why i like more this kind of girls than girly girls ^//^
  6. Jarz

    Post Your Costumes

    i will be a human
  7. Jarz

    The manly men topic

    yes yes yes sorry, had to
  8. Jarz

    Halloween clichè

    i think im searching for deeper and morbider things =P
  9. Jarz

    The manly men topic

    yeah, me too... im not one thing nor the other i was just wondering who else =P
  10. Jarz

    The manly men topic

    so? also... are there man that arent manly man or girly boys? i mean like in the middle?
  11. Jarz

    Halloween clichè

    i was wondering why almost everything in halloween has always the same pattern, like witches, werewolves, zombies, blood and all that movie-derived-stuff? do you think it would work with more psicologically "scary" things or we need to create more new trends for this day?
  12. Jarz

    Giant Robots Posting Only

    Mazinger Z of course
  13. Jarz

    I'm a timid person ):

    hug someone out of nowhere =D
  14. Jarz

    Raison d'Être

    mmm just because is a valid reason?
  15. Jarz

    Halloween Costume Contest

    mmm i hope its not too late ^^;; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1666408/
  16. Jarz

    Do you look your age?

    mmm i'm 23 and i think i look older, but i dont really know...
  17. Jarz

    Fave Looney Toon

    i guess taz, but sometimes daffy
  18. Jarz

    Same Fursona?

    mine changed from a dog to a raccoon dog ^^
  19. Jarz

    What would you expect if a furry were elected President of the United States?

    This (dont know it it will be resized)
  20. Jarz

    why not say your a fur in IRL.

    wow, great way to open to other people