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    My View on Earth Eternal

    a typo problem John Yoo.
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    Ridiculous Video Game Weapons

    You use the blade when you run out of ammo. I'm say the egg from RE4.
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    Stupid things you have done in games.

    Mark of Kri and Rise of Kasai, I be forgetting to use sleath to kill a enemy I be starting over when they blow the horn.
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    My View on Earth Eternal

    I am into playing online game and Interested in MMO, I try to play Runescape, but was kinda hard. I then discover Earth Etenal and try it out. Here is a fact: Why Eternal Earth look World or Warcraft ? Because it was design by John Woo who worked with Blizzard Entertaintment as the Item...
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    Account Problem: My problem

    I try to log in on my laptop , and it say Explorers cannot display webpage,so I reload it and I'm back at the login page and I'm not log in., I attempt to log in again and it still show Internet explorers cannot display page. It driving me crazy. I decide to use Firefox instead.
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    FA down?

    Is it safe ?
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    FA down?

    It happening to me too.
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    Has anyone seen the TV show "Animalia"? I haven't.

    I had watch the series before.
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    "The Wild", A wannabe "Madagascar".

    I view the "The Wild" as animal verison of finding Nemo. animation is okay, they are some similary. Dreamwork did try to copy Finding Nemo with Sharktale.
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    Open for artrade

    Need something to draw something other than cub art. Mainly want to draw dragons.
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    Afro Samurai: Resurrection

    i did
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    Stephen King haets Twilight

    So Shephen King hate Twilight, what's so exciting about it, it's his opinon. the author of Lords of the Rings hated Chronicles of Narina. There alot of author who disliked other books. I hot a audio book of Twilight on hold, no I'm not a fan, just interested in the book.
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    Redwall fans, who's your favoriet character?

    I going have to sat martin for now. I mainly listen to audiobooks of Redwall.
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    Anyone Play Neopets?

    I play neopets and still do. about the Nickleodeon thing, Viacom gotten the right to Neopet on 2001 or 2002.
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    Wow! You're so Pro!

    Was getting good at Okami, I even beated the game.
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    Sonic is for speed....but with Swords? OH NO!

    It's not going to be a RPG game, Here some info on the game http://blogs.sega.com/sonic/2008/07/21/sega-announces-sonic-and-the-black-knight/ The Sonic RPG is being release for the DS.
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    Chibi requests, anyone?

    Hope i'm not too late here Dragee http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1224067/ Want her with a dress,draw her with the diaper and you die. (just kidding, sort up)
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    For Fantasy artist.

    I'll note you the description.
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    For Fantasy artist.

    A non anthro request of my stories characters from Unior. Someone who is good with alicorns(winged unicorn), dragons, foxes and phoenix.
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    I have a request for anyone willing

    Didn't understand that post sorry