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  1. Cosplay_dawn

    New to the forums, not to the main site

    LOL, no I meant I was the one responding late. xD Sorry
  2. Cosplay_dawn

    Do many people still use this site?

    Don't know much about Discord, but I'm pretty active in several furry groups on Telegram. I'd say the difference between those two is that I come to the FAF if I want more casual conversation, while I go to Telegram if I want more active, personal conversations. Like, I pretty much know all...
  3. Cosplay_dawn

    I'm a Noob, Hi

    Oooooo, do you have a reference of your fursona? They sound so awesome! ^^ Anyway welcome to the forums! We may not be the most... functional group of people, but we will welcome you with open arms! ^^
  4. Cosplay_dawn

    New to the forums, not to the main site

    A little late, but welcome! ^^ Hope you enjoy your stay here. :3
  5. Cosplay_dawn

    howdy ny'all

    @carnemorta Yeeesss I wanna seee. ^^ I was just at a con this weekend dressed as Devil Homura from Madoka. :3
  6. Cosplay_dawn


    What the heck is speedcubing? I'm picturing something like curling but with giant ice cubes... Anyway, welcome welcome! Hope you can keep yourself occupied here! ^^
  7. Cosplay_dawn

    howdy ny'all

    WOOO COSPLAY! Cosplay is the best. x3 Anyway, welcome to the forums! :D Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever want to talk! ^^
  8. Cosplay_dawn

    What's up

    Welcome to the forums! ^^ Feel free to ask for tips on the Art and Illistration section of the forum. People there are super helpful. ^^
  9. Cosplay_dawn

    Hi i'm new

    Welcome to the forums! ^^ Hope you find your niche on here. If you ever need to talk, I'm frequently lurking on here so feel free to shoot me a message. :3 Also don't worry about your art skills, it's not a requirement. :p
  10. Cosplay_dawn


    Welcome, welcome! ^^ Everyone here is pretty friendly so I'm sure you'll make some good friends. :3 Hope you enjoy your stay her on the forums!
  11. Cosplay_dawn

    A gif that best summarizes your fursona

    This is what my fursona thinks is happening whenever she is around
  12. Cosplay_dawn

    Hello I'm Eira

    Well if they don't do it, Ill be more then willing! ^^ My art isnt the best but I could make you a reference sheet if you want!:3
  13. Cosplay_dawn

    Hello I'm Eira

    Ooooo, very cute fursona idea! I saw your post on the request forum and you got a good artist working with you! ^^ Can't wait to see the final result. :3 Anyway, let me give you an official welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay! If you ever need to talk, feel free. ^^
  14. Cosplay_dawn

    Hello there

    I personally am not an older fur, but I know plenty of them that are. Don't worry, your not alone. :3 Anyway, welcome to the forums! ^^ Hope you find your niche here. Im always available to talk if you need it. :)
  15. Cosplay_dawn

    Tipping Artists

    When your sent an invoice there is actually an option to either send them the full amount, or give them the amount and a tip. When Im given their paypal to send money, I personally always use the "send money to friend and family" option, because then YOU take on the fee for the transaction. I...
  16. Cosplay_dawn

    New to the forums, hoping to rekindle the artistic spark

    This fandom definitely helps with art blocks, so you've come to the right place. ^^ Anyway welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around, and feel free to talk if you need to.
  17. Cosplay_dawn

    New to the forums

    I wish I could do that. I'm one of those people who can't help but get stuck in conversation with people and can't leave because I don't want to be rude. >.>' Anyway, welcome to the forums! Hope to talk to you (and hopefully not get stuck)! ^^
  18. Cosplay_dawn

    Hey mates!

    Fact: A Furry is anyone who identifies as a furry. If you identify as a furry, your already one of us. 0.0 Anyway, welcome to the forums! Hope the fandom absorbs your soul! ^^
  19. Cosplay_dawn

    Just a Quick Introduction

    If you have a crafty/creative side, Id always recommend making over buying. Not only is it a fraction of the cost but you have so much more connection to your suit that way. ^^
  20. Cosplay_dawn

    Your OC's Species?

    I'm a big fan of BeastCub. I don't remember the bird, but she offered a artistic liberty fursuit of a wolf with the markings of a bird. I really liked that idea, and I was like "I wonder what a cat would look like with the markings of an Oreole..." So I doodled it, and fell in love. :3 That...