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  1. Keybearer

    Songs You Can't Stop Replaying!

    Poets of the Fall - War I blame Alan Wake for my new love for this band =D
  2. Keybearer

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Poking up again, got a couple of new games like halo 3 and Monday Night Combat among others so feel free to add me =3 just let me know who you are GT Lerixr
  3. Keybearer


    Yep, only wear it in private though. Tis very comfy >.>
  4. Keybearer

    Furs By Species 2

    Stick me with the other rabbits =3
  5. Keybearer

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    *unlurks* Been a while since i posted here >.> Gained some new games during that time, like Sega All Stars and the Ornage Box. I need more people on my Xbox. so add me if you want =3 Gamertag - Lerixr
  6. Keybearer

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Just want to repost my Gamertag since its been a while since i visited here, tis Lerixr In terms of games i have: Guitar Hero World Tour Rock Band 2 GTA IV Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Perfect Dark Zero Sonic 2 Castle Crashers Burnout Paradise Sega Superstar Tennis =3 just be sure to let me know...
  7. Keybearer

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Forgot to add, i've got GTA 4, Guitar Hero World Tour and Burnout Paradise for Live =3
  8. Keybearer

    Best brawl characters?

    1- Kirby (always has been since the first game, even during his terrible downgrading in Melee D:) 2- Ice Climbers 3- Mr Game & Watch 4 - Pokemon Trainer I'm also fairly nifty with Meta Knight, Toon Link, Ness and Sonic
  9. Keybearer

    ~Mario Kart Wii~

    Just sayin' i've added everybody who's on the first post =3 and i'll be on MK for a little while if you want to join me.
  10. Keybearer

    Animal Crossing!?

    Same with my Wii and 360 x3 Poor little Wii *hugs it* Not got the newest AC yet, only Wild World. I'll get it one day though.
  11. Keybearer

    Scariest game music?

    Drowning music from Sonic 2 ._.
  12. Keybearer

    Game Anticipations for 2009

    Sonic and the Black Knight Pokemon Platinum The sequel to Tales of Symphonia if it ever comes out in Europe I've not really looked into whats coming out this year yet...will need to do so soon >.>
  13. Keybearer

    Now Playing

    GTA4 - Still on the first island, just been messing around with the newer features. Always fun =3 GHWT - Just general "play random song...move to next" etc with some career mode thrown inbetween. Sonic '06 -Going through the stories, about 70% in Sonic's, 10-ish% in Silver's and not started...
  14. Keybearer

    ~Mario Kart Wii~

    ...Just so i know, who's added me? I'm terrible at keeping track of anything ._.
  15. Keybearer

    ~Mario Kart Wii~

    4897-6073-6939 is my code. I've got a 1 star rating (and nearing a 2 star) and my rating is around 7700, its been a while since i've played so i'm not 100% on that. I usually play as Baby Mario, Dry Bone, Toadette, Bowser JR or the Mii (which atm is The Stig XD). Never use bikes and tend to...
  16. Keybearer

    Wii & DS lite

    The Wii uses a code for the console itself (to send messages, Mii's etc to people) and then each game has it's own code while the DS just uses codes for the games. Hope that answers that part for ya =3
  17. Keybearer

    Online Gamers

    Xbox Live Gamertag - Lerixr Guitar Hero World Tour (as of Christmas Day) Devil May Cry 4 Wii Wii Code - 7036-7249-4632-9400 Bomberman Blast - 4124-8468-2565 Guitar Hero 3 - 098940993404 Mario Kart Wii - 4897-6073-6939 Mario Strikers Charged - 339421-786545 NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams -...
  18. Keybearer

    FA User Online System Info Reference Thread (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/PC/ETC)

    *Xbox Live - Lerixr Got no real Live games for this yet, but plan on getting GTA4 and Guitar Hero World Tour between now and christmas. Only set this up the other day so looking for lots of people here =3 Wii Code - 7036-7249-4632-9400 - SSBB: 1204-0668-6613 - Mario Kart Wii...
  19. Keybearer

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Just got this set up, so i am lacking in games etc for the time being but i'd like to get some people added =3 Gamertag is Lerixr so feel free to add, just tell me who you are though x3
  20. Keybearer

    Mario Kart Wii Code Swap

    4897-6073-6939 is my code. Send me a PM if you add me so i know who to add back =3