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  1. Sho-Oxide

    Europe help

    In england all prostitutes know its a matter of time before they are murdered. In germany you have no speed limits in places so enjoy passing quickly through the country. In england your audience WILL get drunk, but we are pretty friendly.. Sometimes. Also dont jump any ques while you're here.
  2. Sho-Oxide

    Which is better: Dicks or Cocks?

    Trouser snake or disco stick! Is what my bf has because I'm a girl. x3
  3. Sho-Oxide

    Help/opinions on colouring pencil pictures

    When using colouring pencils, I generally colour like this: http://d.facdn.net/art/sho-oxide/1265827679.sho-oxide_img_0001.jpg However, when I do multiple requests I feel like my standard slips without me realising.. It ends up more messy like so...
  4. Sho-Oxide

    Anyone up for a sketch trade?

    Done. :) /sent you a comment
  5. Sho-Oxide

    Question to badge makers - How do you mail?

    I also suggest putting cardboard in with the badge in a standard envelope. When I sent my anatomical heart card in the mail, I put card in with it as it had some delicate parts. It arrived fine.
  6. Sho-Oxide

    Can't get used to drawing on tablet?

    This is what I do too, I got a tablet and it's useful, but not to the extent I had thought before buying.
  7. Sho-Oxide

    Need a little help.

    Posemaniacs is a godsend, and it should be your first stop. :) They have a 30 second sketch exercise, which is really good for improving anatomy.
  8. Sho-Oxide

    If you could get a custom jewlery charm what would it be?

    I would go for a cute chibi version of my fursona or a bust of her. I could go to the vets and get a nametag if I wanted, but I cant buy anything of my fursona in a shop. :>
  9. Sho-Oxide

    Hand help! Please!

    I think maybe shorten the fingers, the bones seem too long on the nearest finger. I'm not really sure what else I can suggest, sorry. :s
  10. Sho-Oxide

    Anyone up for a sketch trade?

    I'd love to do a sketch trade if you like my style. :) /points at my FA
  11. Sho-Oxide

    Hit by a truck...

    Sleep and draw. Sleep some more.
  12. Sho-Oxide

    Real you vs internet you.

    Online me can use her tentacle hair to pick up stuff. But besides that they're pretty much the same.
  13. Sho-Oxide

    Polish newspaper claims 'Pedobear' is 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascot

    A dutch newspaper did this too. xD
  14. Sho-Oxide

    tablet pen isn't working?

    I hate to be terribly obvious, but the first thought I had was 'if the pen is wireless, have you put new batteries in it?' You seem to know what you're doing in general, but thought I'd point this out anyway. Sorry for being so simple. :< Sometimes my tablet pen doesn't work because the...
  15. Sho-Oxide

    Is anyone else having issues with Firefox?

    I've had no problems, but I have seen comments over various areas of the web complaining.
  16. Sho-Oxide

    3 Art Request Slots

    We do go fast, I've tried getting pictures of my fursona and haven't been quick enough yet. xD If I open requests up again you'll be first on the list. :)
  17. Sho-Oxide

    3 Art Request Slots

    I can do Mark too. :) All spaces taken! Probably open up again when these are done.
  18. Sho-Oxide

    3 Art Request Slots

    I have got room for Alex, should I use this http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3344621 and your sig etc for references?
  19. Sho-Oxide

    3 Art Request Slots

    sure :D
  20. Sho-Oxide

    3 Art Request Slots

    I will happily if you have a clean/not mature image I can view. ^^; Sorry!