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  1. chistota

    Looking for Artists who use Steam and are willing to accept Steam Gift Cards as payment

    I dont know anything about gifting cards, can you accept them even if theyre from a different country? if so I will gladly take a commission for one
  2. chistota

    Non-pink organs for anthro characters

    it bothers me when people make their fursonas flesh a bright color like blue but their blood is still red... how does that work???
  3. chistota

    Wolves or Foxes??

    foxes if i have to choose but cats are much better
  4. chistota

    Feline femboy for RP

  5. chistota

    Let's give this one more try before I quit.

    it took me a long time to make my OC and Im still not completely sure about it, something seems to be mising ;_; I know how you feel
  6. chistota

    Yet another freaking Discord server (sheesh...)

    I would be interested if it is open ^_^
  7. chistota

    Well, I tried it, but I don't think this is for me.

    I have had a problem like this too except I do like it, its just i have not felt very welcome and find it hard to be seen or to talk to people, because I go unnoticed.i think there is problems in the community for sure.
  8. chistota

    Looking For Oc Partner~! 18+

    hello! I would be interested in RPing with you. here's my character (nsfw) www.furaffinity.net: Toki by chistota my discord is Toki#5974
  9. chistota

    NSFW Rough Sketches [CLOSED]

    hello!! my oc is a sand cat, he is male but looks like a girl. NSFW ref here: www.furaffinity.net: Toki by chistota he's quiet and a little bit shy but a good listener, however he can be surprisingly dirty at times. despite his appearance he isnt naive or childish, and dislikes being treated...
  10. chistota

    Art trades sfw and nsfw (open)

    ok! what would you like?
  11. chistota

    Looking to Draw NSFW (Still Open)

    hello, thank you for doing this! here is my oc if you want to draw him. nsfw reference: www.furaffinity.net: Toki by chistota he is a femboy sand cat and bisexual. my fave kinks are bondage, teasing, size difference (big sub small dom), breeding, heat cum inflation (light) all i ask is please...
  12. chistota

    Art trades sfw and nsfw (open)

    awesome :D what do you want for the trade? my discord is Toki#5974
  13. chistota

    Forever looking for rps [nsfw m/m]

    hi, I would like to RP with anthros, my discord is Toki#5974, you can add me if you wish
  14. chistota

    Seeking Cute Reference Art (Willing To Art Trade?)

    hello, i would be happy to do this for you! i have trades open and you can see my art here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/chistota/ i have my ocs reference uploaded so you can see what it might look like ^_^
  15. chistota

    Art trades sfw and nsfw (open)

    yes, i can do that !
  16. chistota

    Art trades sfw and nsfw (open)

    okay :D what do you want for it?
  17. chistota

    Art trades sfw and nsfw (open)

    Hi, i would like to do an art trade. you can see my art here: Userpage of chistota -- Fur Affinity [dot] net can be sfw or nsfw, i will draw most fetishes and scenes. let me know if you're interested, thanks :3
  18. chistota

    Art and Roleplay focused Discord Server (Open)

    i would like to join if it is available :3 my discord tag: Toki#5974