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  1. XoPp


    does this look familiar to anyone?: please say it does, i want to know more about this :mad: the site is japanese so i dont know how to search anything about it http://gaialot.com/g/ it says gaialot concept pictures so it must be something?? or is it?
  2. XoPp

    What is this???

    ah i see :rolleyes: i wish it was real lol well thanks anyways
  3. XoPp

    What is this???

    WHAT i cant stop myself from looking at it atleast once every 5minutes i am not too good in recognising photoshopped pics so you say i was kinda hoping to find more picss ps. no its not sparta nor madness.
  4. XoPp


  5. XoPp

    Where to get started?

    everyone are free to do whatever they like as long as its allowed.
  6. XoPp

    Problems with the fandom?

  7. XoPp

    Looking for a short comic... Anyone know who did it?

    http://eldiman.deviantart.com/art/dont-get-me-wrong-103204787 this?
  8. XoPp

    ever fallen in love with an anthro character?

    http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/dblog.php?u=45195&e=355916 this was close enough lol http://jollyjack.deviantart.com/art/What-s-a-Furry-79255515 there's another but they're nothing big, more like this: there's been few more 'serious' ones but i don't even remember what they looked like anymore.
  9. XoPp

    Furry : lifestyle or hobby

    mostly hobby, but as long as i understand what's furry as a lifestyle, thats for me too.. i dont wear fursuits/eat dog food or anything noticeable/stupid respectively though i was like this before i acknowledged what furry is :???:
  10. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    well english is not my first language and i mostly learned by being on internet and playing games :oops: im sad. for my whole life i have been learning to just shut up because i fail at everything i do and say. and i suppose its good idea to do that right now too before i make this any worse...
  11. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    well how i see people's posts is that they are offended and angry at me or something i guess i should learn english better.... or place a sign on my forehead saying that i may accidentally say things wrong without realising it myself... or just saying "im sorry beforehand about what i said"
  12. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    then how should i have said it? how can i know how gay people read/see/think about my text when im not one or never known one i dont feel like writing "this is how i feel" after every word but i guess i will for now on i said its a mistake to post anything i wrote wrong for gay/bi people...
  13. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    its always a huge mistake for me to post anything anywhere :-| i acknowledge it everytime i post something but i just hope people take it easy. why dont i ever learn to just shut up no matter how much i ever want to say something.
  14. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    you sound like you thought i was looking for new friends since once again; i was not. i am not taking offense, but i am afraid people here did of this thread and im trying to say im sorry but it seems to go past your ears i guess so... its hard to make you understand that i barely have ever...
  15. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    *sneaks away* :oops: i really dont think that would change the situation unless the friend would be a straight furry.. i didn't mean i dont have friends as i said i know there is more straight people but i just FEEL being the only because i dont see much other ones...
  16. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    O_O *hides under a rock witch is behind a tree witch is in a box witch is under xmas tree* i dont think i can because im boring you didn't actually i never think about sex or anything related when i see people, male or female. mostly the difference i see between gay, bi and straight people...
  17. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

    now that i think of it, i have no idea :confused: maybe i wanted to hear there is more straight people than i think? A. yes i did. B. wtf? im not looking for anyone who has feelings for me. C. WTF??? i am really sorry if some gay/bi people took this thread as an offense or something, it...
  18. XoPp

    i feel lonely being straight

  19. XoPp

    furry rpg's

    isn't that a stealth game
  20. XoPp

    Did the fandom make you Gay/Bi?

    im a little confused because i like the way male furries and yaoish things look like but thinking them as porn... eww..