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  1. Ristray

    Who was your first furry character crush?

    Norbert from The Angry Beavers.
  2. Ristray

    Species dysphoria?

    I realize that. Thought I suppose one thing I was thinking is that I would "turn" feral while staying with my husband. So feral in the sense of body type but just like any other house cat type of deal. Although I wouldn't mind trying to hunt for myself at least once.
  3. Ristray

    Species dysphoria?

    Whatever dissatisfaction I have with my life now just stems from depression. Though the idea of being a feral caracal would be kinda cool for a while. I would have an excuse for hibernating most of the day and being able to eat raw meat without dying would be awesome.
  4. Ristray

    Your dream residence

    Let's see. I'd like to live in a city (New York or Boston might be nice) with my husband. A nice studio apartment with a lot of cats, both adopted and fosters if possible. My trouble is deciding between a more industrial-like studio or more modern. I like both? I suppose as long as I have nice...
  5. Ristray

    Does anyone else do this with art supplies?

    I mostly just collect art supplies and then never use them. Take pictures of things you make. :o
  6. Ristray

    Hi everyone

    Hi there! You're not the only furry to be a bit shy around others so don't feel so bad. What kind of 2D art do you seem to gravitate towards?
  7. Ristray

    I want to draw new species, just don't know what. Any requests? 3 Slots.

    Sure! Though since he is macro.. would you like any simple object near his foot to show a size difference? Will do. ^_^ Any extra requests will be put on the backburner for now. Though I would draw a waffle for shits and giggles.
  8. Ristray

    I want to draw new species, just don't know what. Any requests? 3 Slots.

    Ooo a deer? I was actually thinking about a deer character for a bit so this will be really nice for me. Is there anything special you'd like for him to wear or just natural? Any specific markings for his body? Sure, I'm willing to give it a shot. The tail intrigues me. <3
  9. Ristray

    Is it wrong if my fursona background relfects my real life?

    I am Ristray and Ristray is me. I figure that's what a fursona would mainly be, yourself but as an animal of some sort. Not to say other's can't do their thing of course but this is what I enjoy. That being said, I've noticed I'm pretty terrible at roleplaying her because.. well every decision...
  10. Ristray

    I want to draw new species, just don't know what. Any requests? 3 Slots.

    I want to draw new species, just don't know what. Any requests? -CLOSED- In a way the title says it pretty well. I have this feeling of creating a new character but I don't know what I'd want since.. well there's a ton of animals I could make characters out of. So overwhelming! So I thought...
  11. Ristray

    An anime fursona picture, possibly for an avatar

    Hi there! Welcome back to the forums. I'm in my own need of practising drawing so I would like to take up your request. If it's ok with you I'd like to take the discussion to notes just so I can ask a few more questions of what you might like in an avatar. Thanks! :)
  12. Ristray


    Hi there Scott! Hopefully the forums won't be too bad of an impression but if you've survived the fandom this long then you should be fine. I would give some advise or something if I had any idea what I'm doing here myself. :D
  13. Ristray

    Brag about your fursona!

    This is the internet therefor cats are automatic wins.
  14. Ristray

    Your fictional character crush

    Well I remember having my first furry crush when I was a little kid. Had a thing for Norbert from the Angry Beavers. Then I've crushed pretty hard for Thrall from WoW.
  15. Ristray

    Hello there

    Hi there! Don't worry, a lot of people here may be hiding their furry interest from others they know in person. May I ask what types of books you enjoy reading?
  16. Ristray

    FA Group Thread

    I would be interested in knowing about any Buddhist and Vegan groups if possible.
  17. Ristray

    I have been around for a while, but I think it is time to say hello

    Hi there Mr. A. What an.. interesting name you have there. It's never too late to join the fandom and at least now maybe you have some ideas of what is good and not so good? Either way I hope it works out for you.
  18. Ristray

    SQUISHY (human) ・∀ ・

    Hi there Sock! I can understand the idea behind FA being a bit more personal than DA and I totally agree. Hope to see you around.
  19. Ristray

    Members by Species

    Ristray Caracal Feline
  20. Ristray

    It's time to rejoin the fandom.

    Thank you all for such a warm welcome! Not sure what roleplay I would be into right now. I'm leaning more towards kinda tribal and fantasy? Though that in itself could be a whole slew of different things.