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  1. VX666

    Looking for a plushie designer

    There used to be a lot of good realistic plush makers on etsy but the site hasn't been working for months.
  2. VX666


    I think @Keefur means aluminum foil? Its easilly manipulated by hand without the need for forging or heat.
  3. VX666

    Does Instagram.com ever work or anti furry?

    Is that legal?
  4. VX666

    How is my fursuit head?

    I'd trim the fur around the muzzle, the nose seams are the most distracting. Needs eye masks too
  5. VX666

    "The Psychology of Fursuiting" research paper

    I've always seen furries as "animal clowning ", though the clowning part done wrong most of the time. However it's not entirely clowning, it could be letting more primal personalities out, like how ancient native Americans and Egyptians portrayed animal spirits. I don't see "furry" as...
  6. VX666

    Fursuit size help

    Can't stress this enough, if it's too good to be true, it's a scam. Or you get the quality you pay for.
  7. VX666

    Surfing furries?

    Yeah, it's possible, but you need to make sure it has all the right materials, most makers from what I have come across just use acrylic paints.
  8. VX666

    Surfing furries?

    Most fursuits aren't waterproof. Most eyes are painted with acrylic, water based, the paint will come right off. Weight of a wet furred suit would drag the performer down as well.
  9. VX666

    Question: Moving Jaw without Fur?

    Yeah, dont stress it, but know that you may need to make 3 or 4 prototypes before you get it right. What I mean by that is that dont buy the most expensive materials and expect to make the perfect head the first try. Go cheap and try simpler approaches so you get the hang of it. The 3 to 4...
  10. VX666

    Question About Fusona

    Well they do poop everywhere
  11. VX666

    Who else thinks this needs to be a fursuit?

    Lots of issues with laws of physics though
  12. VX666

    Looking for Jurassic Park Raptor Mask

    Not sure what exactly are you looking for, do you mean a theatrical quality raptor mask? Those will run at least $10k
  13. VX666

    what breed of dog do you like best

    Obedient straight males
  14. VX666

    Introverts and Covid-19?

    Follow OSHA safety guidelines, well ventilated areas, a lot of infectious disease experts strongly suspect COVID-19 is transmitted by aerosol droplets, it's all pending official lab studies now.
  15. VX666

    Quarantine living

    From an infectious diseases stand point, I want to remind everyone that "stay at home" doesn't mean stay indoors, indoors is the most contageous place for areosol base pathogens to spread. Ideally you want to be OUTDOORS, in a well ventilated area, follow OSHA guidelines and stay away from...
  16. VX666

    Introverts and Covid-19?

    Being introverted isn't always correlated to staying home. There are many truck drivers, pilots, and couriers who are introverted. Also, staying indoor is the worst place for any aerosol based pathogen to spread you need to be in a well ventilated area and away from carriers as much as posible.
  17. VX666

    What does the furry community need?

    Furry art is inherent NSFW Change my mind :)
  18. VX666

    Any Other Nonbinary Furs Around Here?

    There are ZERO genders, genders is a HUMAN construct. Animals don't give a fox, they just fox what they want.
  19. VX666

    What does the furry community need?

    Less insanity or more insanity. Either way it needs to go out with a bang
  20. VX666

    Are furries drama happy?

    Some die hard drama queens will follow and hunt you down.