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  1. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring: Looking for an artist (SFW and NSFW are welcome)

    Hello! I can do a piece for $60. Here are some examples of my art.
  2. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring: Looking for artist willing to draw Surprise Art (Budget: $100)

    I can do a comic for $80. Here are some examples of my art. My FA is here: Userpage of Walks_in_shadows -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring: $5~$80 - SFW Ref Sheet of Rodent Sona + Help in Development

    I could do a reference sheet for $50 including full front, back and side views, as well as multiple headshots as well. Here are some examples of my art. I sent you a message on Discord as well.
  4. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring: ISO High End Adopt (Preferably Canine or Feline) Budget $100-$400

    Hello! I can create a custom character and a reference sheet for them for $100, including a full body illustration. Here are some examples of my art (I can do a few different styles)
  5. Catrin Shrady

    I have the Easiest fursuit design! (looking for New suit makers)

    I know I'm a little late, but I sent you a PM!
  6. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring: Looking for feral peryton design $15-60

    I could do a flat color for $25 and I could have it done within a week. Here are some examples of my art.
  7. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring sketch artists (5-20 USD)

    I could do a feather dragon for $15!
  8. Catrin Shrady


    Hi there, I make handsewn dragon plushies. You can find pictures on my Instagram @divine_dragon_gifts or if you're interested I can post some pictures here. They are $20 each and I can make custom ones.
  9. Catrin Shrady

    Hiring: Looking for FeetPaws!

    How much are you looking to spend? I could definitely make you some!
  10. Catrin Shrady

    Looking for an inking artist

    Hello! I could do the line art for $20. Here are some examples of my art.
  11. Catrin Shrady

    Check out my fantasy art!

    If you like it, please consider giving me a watch and subscribing to my youtube channel for speed draws!