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  1. cobalt

    Fandom species request

    I would like to get "Foozles" added to the list of fandom created species.
  2. cobalt

    Fan species listing request

    I would like to get "Foozles" added to the list of fandom created species.
  3. cobalt


    MP4 format uploads with looping.
  4. cobalt

    Add MP4/GIFV format as an upload choice

    It's time to start planning for the end of Flash. FA should start moving towards replacing it as an upload format for animated content and MP4 seems the most likely candidate. It's already in wide use, and other furry art websites have had MP4 as an upload choice for some time. Additionally...
  5. cobalt

    A question about Flash, HTML5 and WebM support.

    Yeah... I'd like to second this question. When are we getting MP4? Flash is dead, and as a format it wasn't that great to begin with. I've done comparison compressions on video files and MP4 gives superior picture quality to flash, at lower filesizes. FA really needs to join the modern era...
  6. cobalt

    Webcomic List thread

    http://eviltwin.comicgenesis.com/ The continuing adventures of my evil twin Talboc. Updates every tuesday.
  7. cobalt

    Severe Site slowdown

    The note on my FA page reads "Administrator notice: Site performance may be sporadic as we are currently doing cleanup work on the database." Could have picked a better time to run maintenance.
  8. cobalt

    AUP Change Query

    I noticed the SOPA/PIPA text had dissappeared from the Administrator note at the top of the site this morning, to be replaced with a notice that the AUP had been updated. In the photography section, it was stated: "Photography involving mature or adult situations or illicit activity are not...
  9. cobalt

    Bug/Site Problem: A rather pecuilar problem

    Interesting - I used Adblock to block the banenr ad, in the hopes that would remove it and keep it from overlapping images as I tried to view them. While it did remove the image, I ended up with a matching-size rectangle of the site's background color in it's place, that still overlapped the...
  10. cobalt

    Bug/Site Problem: A rather pecuilar problem

    Using Firefox - getting the banner error here also.
  11. cobalt

    New site title banner has got to go

    It appears that whoever picks the new title image for the site, has once again fallen down on the job. So, now we've got a horrible, gory image for the title. And even worse, since the site's redesign, I can now no longer simply adblock it, so that I don't have to look at it. (something I...
  12. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    Yep. As expected, the lack of response has been highly Microsoftesque. Five minute fix, my a$$.
  13. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    Actually, No. Still waiting for that "five minute fix."
  14. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    It seems pretty clear that most of the posters here in this thread all hate the same things about the new look. We've all pretty much made the same complaints over, and over, and over again. The dismissal of those complaints, while waving around a "five minute fix" that we have yet to...
  15. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    In a nutshell: Please make it look exactly the same way it looked last week. Simple enough?
  16. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    Yes, those are the three big things that are wrong with it. It's no longer compartmentalized, the header titles are oversized and distracting, and the buttons are no longer color-matched and have confusing text inside them. (select and delete? it doesn't actually DO that when you push it.)...
  17. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    I think the major gripe I have is, you took a page that had a quiet, subtle and sophisticated air, that was easy to use, and easy on the eyes, and turned it into a Microsoft Product (tm).
  18. cobalt

    New Inbox Layout

    I cleared my browser cache. Everything is now left justified. It still looks awful. Change it back.
  19. cobalt

    FA died D:

    It is a little odd. If the server were offline, or down, then I'd expect to get the "server not found" style of error. This just seems to be serving a blank page, with no HTML code.