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  1. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Avatar The Last Airbender

    i watch it when its on. but they ahve only showen the first two seasons and i cant find it on dvd.
  2. Maio Maio Tigerman

    WHat kind of car do you have?

    this is ma ute :cool: but what i really want is a army landrover because i want to go 4wdriving.
  3. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Your fav SciFi movie?

    Aliens, starwars (all), terminator 2, serenity (shame they killed wash), transformers (both and looking forward to the second live action one being filmed now) and the matrix trilogy.
  4. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Sitcom furries: “Back toYou” vs. “American Dad”

    i really want to watch this but hulu wont stream outside of america can someone link me to another site that has it, because i have already tryed youtube and it wasnt there.
  5. Maio Maio Tigerman

    I want snow...

    lol its summer where i live so no snow (ever). im sitting at my comp, the time is 6pm amd i have a fan on full behind me because i am hot.
  6. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Stargate Universe?

    ill watch it but by the time we get it over here it will already be on dvd. the tv stations only start showing new stargate stuff after it has come out on dvd, so i never watch it on tv always on dvd.
  7. Maio Maio Tigerman

    to be philisphicle why do we like fusuits in the furst place ???

    yea thats why i want to get a head done by them (with all the gadets of course)
  8. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Trying to decide between XP SP3 or Vista SP1...

    i have found only one game that i want that wont run on vista (have found loads but most i dont want to play) and it was BF2142, it was working then when i updated my vid drivers it stoped working. i contacted EA abd they said that it wasnt designed to run on vista and that i should go get my...
  9. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Left 4 Dead

    i have been playing since saturday, but i have exceded my download limit so am speed limited to slower than dialup so i wont be able to play again till the 22nd. my user name is tech_hawk
  10. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Your furry self...has a story?

    i am writing a story for mine it is in comic form but really rudimentary at the moment. it is not quite the same where yours are born as furrys mine becomes a furry, the comic starts wiht him as a furry only because he cant remember his past or his name.
  11. Maio Maio Tigerman

    to be philisphicle why do we like fusuits in the furst place ???

    i really want a fursuit and i dont mind getting hugs ect. but on the acting side ehh at furcons im just going to be myself, the only time i think ill act is when i start cosplaying at gameing/comic cons in my dream costume made by these people. http://www.lionofthesun.com/
  12. Maio Maio Tigerman

    FA Left4Dead servers

    i have been playing my user name on steam is tech_hawk. zombies rule!!!!
  13. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Furry based video and computer games?

    i play titan quest and im trying now to get one of the mods working (the one where you get to be a tigerman) that will be soo fun
  14. Maio Maio Tigerman

    How did you die?!?!

    i had a mysterious death today i was playing CSS and a random HS came out of nowhere and killed me the guy wasnt anywhere near me and was using a pistol.
  15. Maio Maio Tigerman

    FA Left4Dead servers

    can we change the titile of the group brcause i dont want the tag (FAG) after my name.
  16. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Full or Half suit?

    thats what i plan to do with my first suit
  17. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Why did you choose THAT fursona?

    because the tigermen from titan quest were so good that i couldnt stop playing that game.
  18. Maio Maio Tigerman

    Awesome Commercials Thread

    here is one that was on tv last night here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7245jE1FS9U