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  1. runner

    Testicule problem

    ROFL, this is getting epic.
  2. runner

    Best/worst ways to die/Game Overs?

    Worst, after pwning horde noob in a contested area for 30 min a 3 level 80 rogues back stab you. (ps. for all ally's) halo- hit in the back of the head with a rocket laucher, on a game with a no kill setting.
  3. runner

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    Almost 20% of the time my dreams have something to do with furrys, but I dont dream that often when I take my allergie meds, I dont know why but i think it disrupts R.E.M or my sleep pattern.
  4. runner

    Who thinks that the world is gonna end in 2012???

    After thinking for a bit something came to me. Remeber when tons of Gama-ray blasts were being seen on earth and were found to comefrom inpacts on neutron stars. Each blast sent out gama rays in a small beam, if a blast was to happen with in 500Bill light years the earth would be destroyed by...
  5. runner

    Who thinks that the world is gonna end in 2012???

    I dont think the world will end, however I do thing the Magnetic poles may shift, fucking with some forms of navigation, but who knows, after all im basing all this on the fact of nothing.
  6. runner

    Seven Deadly Sins! (which is yours?)

    Well im wrath or lust.
  7. runner

    Last movie you've seen?

    The last movie I saw was Dead Space Downfall, wasn't as good as they made it sound.
  8. runner

    How often do you clean your room?

    When I cant see the floor i know its time to clean 6-12
  9. runner

    WoW Geeks anyone?

    Wow. now im scared, i havet played in almost a year and i thing i might have been hacked by now
  10. runner

    What annoys ye?

    Gamestop When they DONT call me to tell me WOTLK is out
  11. runner

    Wotlk Midnight Release!!!

    damn it i preorderd mine at game stop and the ****s never called me to tell me it came out .
  12. runner

    WoW Geeks anyone?

    Sirch Level 70 NE hunter on hellscream ( no guild) NOOO why did your switch servers
  13. runner

    What annoys ye?

    The morons who thing its a good idea to sell a HUGE master crafter model with no F****ing manual on how to build it.
  14. runner

    Future dreams?

    get the last few hours needed for my pilots lisence and join the AF Flying AH-1 super corbas, or work for a medevac company.
  15. runner

    What's your Battle Cry?

    Mine is " IN TO THE FRAY"
  16. runner

    Favorite word(s)- Preferably ones you use frequently.

    1.ahhh fuck 2. noob 3.Adeptus astartes
  17. runner

    You have two cows

    Dawn of war You have 2 cows, 1 space marine squad, and no requisition Gears of war 2 You have 2 cows, no ammo, and 4500 tickers heading your way
  18. runner

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

  19. runner

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    Last 4th of July my moron friend put a HUGE firework in a laucher the wrong way, when it went off it burnt my pants and knocked me over.
  20. runner

    Amuse me with your idiocy.

    Thats nothing, i grounded my welding chair last year. Shocked my self off the chair.