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  1. Grey Wolverine

    Whats the funniest thing you've ever seen or heard?

    He wasn't always deaf, went deaf after being a printer for 30 years.
  2. Grey Wolverine

    Tips on telling people that your a furry.

    My god, this thread, it has made me facepalm, very hard, answer me this, WHY WOULD YOU! Really, its not a big deal, its a hobby like gun collecting, you don't really need to tell people you do it because there is no need for you to tell others in the first place. Lord, I swear my IQ has dropped...
  3. Grey Wolverine

    Whats the funniest thing you've ever seen or heard?

    My Dad once told me about the time this deaf guy fell asleep on the toilet and they thought he was dead, so the paramedics broke down the stall door and woke him up and he got pissed at them and yelled "IM NOT DEAD YOU MORONS IM DEAF!"
  4. Grey Wolverine

    Georga Death Penalty Taped

    I support the death penalty, to en extent. I don't think everyone should revive it, but only in extreme cases, cop killers, child killers, mass murders, war criminals ect. Just the murdering scum of the earth, now I have sympathy to the families of murder victims, but I think it should be an...
  5. Grey Wolverine

    Do I really slow and distracted?

    Ummmmmmm what?
  6. Grey Wolverine

    Woo I was lucky!

    Aww, now what will we eat for breakfast.
  7. Grey Wolverine

    Tattoos - A Discussion.

    I love that tattoo. Vault boy is my homeboy.
  8. Grey Wolverine

    Woo I was lucky!

    Good to see you didn't get any drain bamage.
  9. Grey Wolverine

    What's Pornography?

    Let me think, at 10 I raided my dad's box of Playboys. So yah, I sold some of them though. I was quite the entrepreneur.
  10. Grey Wolverine

    Tattoos - A Discussion.

    You have anything cool in mind?
  11. Grey Wolverine

    Tattoos - A Discussion.

    That is true genius man
  12. Grey Wolverine

    Blade or Electric?

    A blade, gets closer than an electric.
  13. Grey Wolverine

    Anyone here own a sword?

    It really was a smart trade, but he was a selfish bastard.
  14. Grey Wolverine

    A serial killer in your house

    My shotgun would kill them
  15. Grey Wolverine

    Anyone here own a sword?

    I used to have a katana, than my brother sold it to his friend Chad for weed.
  16. Grey Wolverine

    Tattoos - A Discussion.

    I know a guy who has Boba Fett tattooed to his forarm, as for me I would probably get a tattoo, I just don't know of what. sometimes they can look cool, and sometimes people can just go overboard with them.
  17. Grey Wolverine

    What is your sexual orientation

    Good to hear sir *puffs cigar* rather good. Oh look, muffins.
  18. Grey Wolverine

    Crazy People... like literally

    I do have 'mental health problems' I take some meds for. The meds work most of the time, but sometimes they don't. Its not like I'm skitzo or anything, but it is bad enough to prevent me from joining the military because I could do alot of harm to myself and to others.
  19. Grey Wolverine

    Tell us a story when you broke a bone/injured yourself.

    Broke 4 of my fingers while failing at a jump on my old bike. Here is what happened, me and some friends were being teenagers and we decided to jump our bikes, now this was a small ramp for shits and giggles sort of things, and it was in front of this guy Cole's house and his lawn is lined with...
  20. Grey Wolverine

    what kind of superhero or villan would you be ?

    I would be the kind of villain who would destroy everything, just because I can.