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  1. stupidhyena

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    treasure planet, an old cartoon movie but i like it still
  2. stupidhyena

    Pirates Vs. Ninjas: The Debate rages

    pirates, they're more fun :)
  3. stupidhyena

    hello um new to this

    Hi! thankyou for the welcome (ha and warning)
  4. stupidhyena

    hello um new to this

    Hello! thankyou for the welcome! not really got alot to say about myself to be honest, im pretty boring i guess can never think of what to say, spare time is usually just internet,games,reading(sometimes) and walking the dogs but that about it (ha not any real-life friends at the moment so bit...
  5. stupidhyena

    hello um new to this

    hiii thankyou for the welcome, my names Hannah, fav colour kinda changes but usually red or green, haha uhh African or European swallow?
  6. stupidhyena

    hello um new to this

    hello! well not quite sure what to put down/say actually, i dont really know much about this site yet but have had a fascination with furries for quite a while so thought id try it out on here, would love to chat to people and hopefully make some friends :)