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  1. Flavur

    Bronies vs Furries

    Damn I didn't know MLP and Furries were against eachother. Pot meets Kettle. :rolleyes:
  2. Flavur

    Who was your first furry character crush?

    Where do I start? Does beast boy count? o:
  3. Flavur

    How did you come up with your fursonas name?

    Grrrrrr. So many cool names.. ><
  4. Flavur

    How did you come up with your fursonas name?

    Never thought of it like that tbh. I do like the name Flavur but I don't know if I like it enough to slap it on a character qq
  5. Flavur

    How did you come up with your fursonas name?

    I kinda figured tbh. But when I didn't see anything I sorta just went with it. =( Perhaps a mod can move this into that thread or something. Unless there's some sort of rule against necro-posting. You're lucky you have a cool name tho. My name just doesn't suit it. ):
  6. Flavur

    How did you come up with your fursonas name?

    Personally I'm having trouble thinking of a good name. Did you know your 'sona's name right away? Did it take some thought? And also does that name hold any meaning to you? And if so, what is it? Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried searching for it but nothing came up.
  7. Flavur

    Enfys Ellezard, the Obnoxious Purple Lizard.

    "Ahnthrolan" I giggled at this. Good name haha I love the background story. Yamoi's story feels like it could be made into one of those super awesome CGI fantasy movies. (that I would totally watch)
  8. Flavur

    Why Do People Dislike Popufurs? Actually... What is a Popufur?

    You got me curious so I did some googling and suprisingly enough they all have encyclopedia dramatica pages. I don't get the story behind Lemonade Coyote though.. Do people not like him because he died and that's how he got popular?
  9. Flavur

    Why The Hell Are Fursuits So Creepy Lookin'?

    Holy shit this is too adorable. Now I have to google Japanese fur suits..
  10. Flavur

    Videogame Confession thread

    Same. :^) Also; reported -evil laugh-
  11. Flavur

    Insane pastor has own "cure" for AIDS

    Gah. This'd so much. I see no use for pride either. People are so much more beautiful and complex than just that one trait. It's kind of sad when people base their whole identity off that one aspect of their lives. It would be like me being proud of being left-handed. >.>
  12. Flavur

    My "kinsona", and some backstory.

    Dang so much drama over something as trivial as identifying as other-kin. People need to chilllllllll. Like come on people pick your battles.. He's not hurting anyone. Sheesh. OT: I like it a lot, looking at your irl pic I can def see the resemblance! You should draw it eating something next. :D
  13. Flavur

    Can one simply Become amazingly good at art from being absolutely crap

    I draw like a 5 year old and I give no craps.
  14. Flavur

    Who is your Favorite Furry Video Game Character?

    One of my favorite shows to watch as a kid. :D Edit: So I didn't read the title, but it turns out there is a Redwall video game anyways?... Anyways, I'll just post another of my favourites since it should have been the first video game character to pop into my head -_-
  15. Flavur

    Wearing collars everywhere

    Collars indoors, Necklaces outdoors :D
  16. Flavur

    Would you still be a furry if it became illegal?

    tru. I just didn't think it would turn heated like that. ;x
  17. Flavur

    Would you still be a furry if it became illegal?

    This thread got really weird really fast. OT; fuzzy 'fo lyfe B)
  18. Flavur

    The rarest Furry. The single, straight female...

    Yeah. :c I guess cooties are still a thing. xD
  19. Flavur

    Confessions thread

    Just realized I didn't confess anything before -.- I confess that I used to hate apple products because android master race.. Then I got an iphone as a birthday gift.. and I kinda like it. :oops:
  20. Flavur

    Confessions thread

    Nope. Impossible. Everyone has to like cheese.