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  1. VanessaVanGogh

    Steven Universe Furries?

    My favorite's Peridot. And since the fandom's kinda pegged her as a cat, that's how I tend to look at her cuz I'm used to it. :P But I also love Garnet and Opal.... I think Garnet would make a cool, calm dragon, and Opal would be some sort of bird... something beautiful... I'm not good with...
  2. VanessaVanGogh

    I wasn't aware there were stereotypes for species

    I don't understand why... I never thought of one species being more promiscuous than another.
  3. VanessaVanGogh


    I'm known at my house for my baking skills. :P Not that it's REALLY anything special, I'm definitely no expert. But I always end up making everyone's birthday cakes nonetheless. :D
  4. VanessaVanGogh


    I don't know... personally I love using emoticons cuz I like to be able to convey the emotion I'm speaking with. That's hard to do with just text. And I get paranoid that I'll come off as mean accidentally. >.>'
  5. VanessaVanGogh

    If you had to hunt/raise and butcher all your own meat, would you still eat it?

    I might be able to eat meat from the stores still, but I couldn't butcher animals. I can't even squish bugs.
  6. VanessaVanGogh

    I wasn't aware there were stereotypes for species

    My friend told me huskies are supposed to be very... into sex. Mainly cuz one of my guy friends suggested I make my fursona a husky, and she was like, "he just wants to have sex with you." But I've never seen that stereotype with huskies otherwise, so...
  7. VanessaVanGogh

    Do you think you'll remain a furry (for long)?

    I've pretty much always technically been a furry, so I imagine I'll always be that way. :P
  8. VanessaVanGogh

    How did your loved one react?

    My family had never heard of furries (other than my sister, who's pretty chill anyway), so I explained it to them and they think it's alright. They're not really into it themselves, but they don't care that I like it. :P
  9. VanessaVanGogh

    what furry things do you have?

    Um... my art? >.>' I need more furry stuff. :/
  10. VanessaVanGogh

    What originally got you into Furries?

    I've just always loved anthro characters. Then one day my sister was like, "be careful, or people will think you're a furry." And I was like, "what's a furry?" Then years later I met furry friends and discovered that the fandom was pretty cool. So I became an official member of the furry world! :D
  11. VanessaVanGogh

    How could you tell...

    I'd try bringing up anthro characters first... see if they're interested. Maybe bring up furries after that and see how they react. Some places also have furry groups that get together. You could find more furs that way. :D
  12. VanessaVanGogh

    How do you choose a fursona?

    Oh, I know the feel of not being able to figure out your fursona.... good lord. :confused: But! It's possible to come up with one still! Though it's fine to not have one or have multiple ones too! Whatever works best for you is what you should go with. :D However, if you're like me and feel...
  13. VanessaVanGogh

    Mental Illness talkings to better understands thems

    Oh, lookie lookie... major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder... I thought that's what I'd get. :P I'm actually diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, though I was already on some anxiety meds when I was diagnosed. Off my...
  14. VanessaVanGogh


    No, but I've seen my brothers playing it and I wanna try it. T_T
  15. VanessaVanGogh

    Would you date an android?

    If there were androids that were pretty much alive (cuz at that point I imagine there's be a big controversy over whether androids were truly alive or not), I think I'd give it a shot. They'd be alive to me no matter what, and if one can feel love for me, why shouldn't I be able to love him/her...
  16. VanessaVanGogh

    I am new, had a question

    The label "furry" can mean many things to many different people. Thinking anthro characters are cool, thinking they're hot, liking anthro art, liking fursuits, etc. Some people who would be considered furries to most people prefer to not to call themselves furries, and vice versa. You can...
  17. VanessaVanGogh

    What is one thing you learned from the furry community?

    Dear Princess Celestia, Today I've learned that it's important to find friends who accept you for who you are and don't judge you for the things you like and are passionate about, cuz that makes life a thousand times more fun. :D Your faithful student, Vanessa Van Gogh
  18. VanessaVanGogh

    What kind of (romantic) kisses do you like best?

    I like cute, short ones that are more of a symbol of affection. But alas, I'm also not very into kissing. So... not on the lips, unless it's SUPER special and you're my one true love in the entire universe please.
  19. VanessaVanGogh

    Introduce us your pets!

    There's your justification right there: to pet a dog. :D