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  1. Thunder_pants

    Need quick OC help!

    A friend and I are on OC and we just finished an OC session. We want to save the pic but the save buttons are all grey'd out. How do we save it? We're trying to do another session as well so we're not looking to have both of us log out or whatever. Any help?
  2. Thunder_pants

    Am I the only one... [Digital art program comparison]

    ...who thinks that Open Canvas V.1.1 is better than the newest version, 4.5? I find it better for inking drawings. The lines are nicer, in my opinion. Though, 4.5 is much nicer to sketch with. Has anyone else seen and used both and agree with me?
  3. Thunder_pants

    Post your Steam ID :3

    thunder_pants_face I play Counter Strike: Source, mainly. Other games are being lamer.
  4. Thunder_pants

    FA User Online System Info Reference Thread (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/PC/ETC)

    I own no consoles, handhelds, or anything but a computer. *sad face* Computer: Steam: thunder_pants_face: Counter Strike: Source, Need For Speed: Undercover Other PC games: Maplestory: I have no way of finding my info, at the moment. PM me and I can get it to you. Crossfire...
  5. Thunder_pants


    Thinking about getting a tablet. I was wondering about how sizes affect scale drawing, what's compatible with XP, and what seems to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Also, what program do you think is the easiest to work with? I have OC and was planning to use that, mainly.
  6. Thunder_pants

    Searching For Artist On FurAffinity

    She has fake conversations with satan? Or does she think she's really talking to satan? There are some interesting people.
  7. Thunder_pants

    how do you draw faces?

    I've known people who just studied an animal's head and then mixed it with an anime shape and molded the aftermath until it looked good. I just kind of learned by trial and error (mostly error) by what looked good to me. My stuff isn't the most detailed, but that's why I like it. I didn't want...
  8. Thunder_pants

    Please Save Me From Myself.

    Ah, I see. Well what you can do is give a surrounding around a single character and just type a small story in the info thingie majigger. But, as long as you improve, I guess it doesn't matter, huh?
  9. Thunder_pants

    Please Save Me From Myself.

    One thing that helped me (And I still need help XD) is drawing something, even though I know, or don't think, I can do it, well. Even if it turns out bad, try again and again fixing each problem you see on previous attempts. If you don't want to keep having to re-sketch, complete a portion and...
  10. Thunder_pants

    Reinventing the WOLF T-SHIRT

    You should make the design attention grabbing, but simple in the whole grand scheme of the shirt.
  11. Thunder_pants

    page sizes

    That might be my new way of doing it, for now. Thanks a ton.
  12. Thunder_pants

    page sizes

    Okay, I'll copy this and put it in a folder for later reading when I'm actually doing it. Thank you guys for all your help! Makes a world of difference for me! Merry Christmas!
  13. Thunder_pants

    The first PC game you played!

    Counter Strike: Source Still playing to this day.
  14. Thunder_pants

    page sizes

    I was supposed to get a scanner for Christmas but when I found out that there was no scanner, "On the market" that was 11x14, I was kind of lost. So, what size paper do you use and what size scanner? I'd assume both are the same size?
  15. Thunder_pants


    Okay, thank you, both!
  16. Thunder_pants

    Music to kill zombies by.

    To kill zombies too, eh? Like a game? If so, it depends on how gorey the game is. For mine: All That Remains As Blood Runs Black Through the Eyes of the Dead (Gotta have some kind of zombie related band name, right?) Your Last Hope Fails (My old band) And then some random songs I can't find...
  17. Thunder_pants


    The link isn't working. It loads but then says, "Displaying: Blank"
  18. Thunder_pants


    Thanks, I'll take a look.
  19. Thunder_pants


    I don't usually sketch bodies because I'm terrible at them. I was wondering if anyone knew any small tips that might make a difference. Alot of my bodies don't seem to have many curves and such. I try really hard and, even though at first it goes kind of well, it all goes back to being very, oh...
  20. Thunder_pants


    Haha, that's awesome! Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome.