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  1. DeadBombArt

    Commissioning artist to draw new sona

    Hey there! I am comfortable with drawing from descriptions and limited references. I can do single character halfbody illustrations for $50 and full body illustrations for $70. Simple and textured backgrounds are included~ These examples were drawn last week. <3 More samples: Userpage of...
  2. DeadBombArt

    YCH Full Color Auction - gender symbol composition [ Ends Sunday]

    Bump~ Auction is currently at $20.
  3. DeadBombArt

    YCH Full Color Auction - gender symbol composition [ Ends Sunday]

    Hi friends! I am doing a YCH auction with this sketch idea. No restriction on species or gender, and the symbol can be changed up to any of the ones that have the main circle in the middle~ The final art will be full color, full shaded! Samples of my work can be found in my gallery here...
  4. DeadBombArt

    Overwatch Cosplay Fursona

    Oh, I've done some cosplay fursona's before! The blue dog is cosplaying from Destiny, and the deer is cosplaying from League of Legends. I can do an illustration like the blue dog for $45~ Something like the chibi would be $20. You can find more work from me at my gallery here: Userpage of...
  5. DeadBombArt

    Looking to up my Portfolio [CLOSED]

    She looks incredibly perfect! <3 <3 You did an amazing job! Thank you SO much! :O <3 <3 <3
  6. DeadBombArt

    Texas Furry Fiesta 2017

    @brian577 & @Keefur -- I'm looking forward to seeing you both! <3 @Surzsha - Its great to hear that its alive and kicking. :D Im driving up from Houston and Im always hesitant to go to out-of-town events, so its exciting to hear that its a hopin' event.
  7. DeadBombArt

    Looking to up my Portfolio [CLOSED]

    Just the pose would be perfect. <3 <3 Thanks!
  8. DeadBombArt

    Looking to up my Portfolio [CLOSED]

    I actually have a Bat OC too (though, she has a racoon tail!). o3o <3 <3 Thank you so much if you decide to draw her! Any background color is fine~ And feel free to do a different pose if you don't like the one suggested.<3 Reference: Pose:
  9. DeadBombArt

    :D I try to get around. Thanks for calling it cool! <3 <3 <3

    :D I try to get around. Thanks for calling it cool! <3 <3 <3
  10. DeadBombArt

    Gaining A Customer Base/Subject Help?

    No problem at all! Just remember that while a raffle or giveaway can help boost your following, you still need to do them in places with heavy traffic. The less traffic, the less effective it will be. ^^ Also, old samples are still samples! Most people understand that artists improve, so...
  11. DeadBombArt

    Do you commission your art? Why?

    I actually am a full time artist outside of the furry fandom. I went to college for it, built a business, market myself, and sell outside of the internet at conventions and other shows. I take commissions because its my livelyhood. Is it fun? Of course -- but it is also my profession and I like...
  12. DeadBombArt

    Gaining A Customer Base/Subject Help?

    I just post-stalked you and saw those icons. They are worth WAY more than $5, and definitely more than $8. You for sure have the skills to be successful, so it most likely comes down to marketing. Do you have social media? Do you post everywhere, and often? Self-promotion can be a full time...
  13. DeadBombArt

    Texas Furry Fiesta 2017

    Hey there, Everyfur! Is anyone else planning on attending Texas Furry Fiesta in 2 weeks? I'll be there, and you can catch me in the artist alley drawing some 'sonas! Its actually my first furry convention, so I am excited and nervous! I don't have a fursuit or anything, but I am working on a...
  14. DeadBombArt

    Reference Sheets! - 2 slots opened

    Hey there! I am offering custom character reference Sheets. 2 slots only! Everything is drawn by me (no bases). I can work from descriptions to help create a custom reference sheet to your liking. Right now, I am only offering simple color references (like the first sample). Full painted...
  15. DeadBombArt

    Working on Art-- Always. <3

    Working on Art-- Always. <3