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  1. Wuffpup

    Girly Bois part 3

    There needs to be moar talk here... (It's 12 in the morning, I have nothing better to do than try and resurrect dead threads...)
  2. Wuffpup

    Why do trolls bother you?

    Why would they bother me? I usually just say something stupid back to them and laugh at their reaction.
  3. Wuffpup


    NO U!! Thanks.
  4. Wuffpup


  5. Wuffpup


    *is pounced* Hi there. Thanks Zanz. Wow, you out of all people...but, thanks.
  6. Wuffpup


    It was a commission I had done for me. But, thx.^^
  7. Wuffpup


    Name: Wuffpup Age: 17 Height: 5'9 Weight: 157lbs Species: Demon Wolf Eye Color: Blood Red Fur: Black with blood red markings Weapon: Black demonic sword
  8. Wuffpup

    14 Furry volunteers?

    *murrs* Thx.
  9. Wuffpup

    14 Furry volunteers?

    Let me know if you do...plz? *puppy eyes*
  10. Wuffpup

    14 Furry volunteers?

    No, I'm a different guy.
  11. Wuffpup

    14 Furry volunteers?

    Too late...
  12. Wuffpup

    Wake up with a tail...

    *falls out of a portal in the sky and splats on the ground* HI!
  13. Wuffpup

    It's over $9,000!

    Thank you my friend, you have just provided me with todays lul.
  14. Wuffpup

    The Black Hole

    You not removeing the black hole are you? ARE YOU?!?! Also: There should be a tally of people who like the black hole, and people who want it to go.
  15. Wuffpup


  16. Wuffpup

    Hows your day going?

    Hows your day going?
  17. Wuffpup

    Not much. And you?

    Not much. And you?
  18. Wuffpup

    Anyone like their steaks rare?

    We are all animals.
  19. Wuffpup

    Anyone like their steaks rare?

    It's only me and my mom. But she doesn't really cook my steaks any other way now.
  20. Wuffpup

    Anyone like their steaks rare?

    If my steak is not rare, I make my mom make me another one. Not only that but all hell breaks lose.